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Cabin Fever

Sneaux-magedon date 9, January, Twenty Fourteen.  We’ve found ourselves in an alternate vortex where Christmas Vacations never end, and the crew is growing weary…

Let’s recap.  Week one, I was in intense pain running around, with a huge inflamed cyst on my leg, trying to get ready for Christmas, and last minute company, which all ended up with a trip to the ER.

Week two.  Christmas.  Post Op.  Lots of pain killers.  Company.  All last minute shopping.  No drinky treats because of said meds.  HELL.

Week Three.  New Years.  Cold.  Kids gone wild.  Meds wearing off.  Car broken down.  Sneaux-magedon approaches.

Week Four.  SNEAUXMAGEDON STRIKES.  Just about got in a fist fight at the store.  Made it home, and haven’t been able to leave since.  Brains are oozing, the world is frozen.  And I can’t eat one more damn sandwich, or watch the Croods one more flipping time.  Someone refill my flippen meds from week one PLEASE.

As I look out my window, and my vision is blurred by freezing rain, and more falling snow, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever make it back to sanity in one piece, or if we are doomed forever to live in this harsh realm of frozen hell forever… and I want nachos now.  Snow plows should totally deliver mexican food.

To be continued………………………………..


Sneaux Day Part Deux

Yesterday at 5:30 am I got the call, the boy’s school was cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Honestly at first I was excited.  I didn’t even have to watch the little closing notices on the news, or search the interwebs… they called me!  (This would be our first snow day ever, and when I was in school you had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to watch for your school on the tv)  And then I was excited for the boy, his first ever snow day!  He could play outside, drink tons of hot chocolate, watch movies and play with his sister so I could get laundry done!  AWESOME!

And then the minions woke up, and so did I.

After convincing the boy that going out to play in the snow at quarter to 6 in the morning, while it’s pitch black and a windchill of 0* is a BAD IDEA, both the minions got bit with the cabin fever bug almost immediately.

Fighting, crying, whining, fighting, I want I want I want, crying.

The roads were covered in black ice, my fridge was (is) literally bare, not one snack in the house, a high of 4* windchill outside for the entire day… and the three of us were locked inside.  Not even bribes of cupcakes could slice through the foul odor of the day.

And on top of it my wallpaper, my hideous awful YELLOW wallpaper started to mock me, seriously, and SOMEONE had the bright idea to tell me to read the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” – bad idea.

But I told myself, tomorrow there shall be school.  Just one day, and tomorrow I’ll get to the store, I’ll buy milk and wine and chips, and put this all behind me.  This stupid friggen winter weather.  After all, surely they wouldn’t cancel school again, with only a whole 1.8 inches of snow on the ground…

8:30pm my phone rings, “This is ————- School District, calling due to inclement weather there will be no school for tomorrow, have a good weekend.”


It get’s even better.

2 snow days + the weekend + Monday and Tuesday SCHEDULED OFF = 6 days of no school.  SIX.

Putting the general concerns of when is my boy actually going to get an education to the side…

He got in trouble Wednesday for being loud in class, which equals no video games at home until he has a good day in school.  I don’t take back punishments.  Six freezing days of no school and NO video games.  *mutters* I don’t take back punishments.  *makes a mental note to check the weather before dishing out discipline*

Two minions, too wound up for words, 6 days of freezing weather, 3 working dogs barking their heads off in the basement because they can’t stay outside, a goat to tend, and 4 chickens… 6 days of freezing weather, tending to the creatures outside and two wound up children.  No wine in the house, no vodka, no snacks.  6 days.  And my wallpaper is mocking me.  The little turned up edges calling to me to rip and pull.  Yellow even, that wallpaper, such a horrid yellow.

I hate winter.