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Cabin Fever

Sneaux-magedon date 9, January, Twenty Fourteen.  We’ve found ourselves in an alternate vortex where Christmas Vacations never end, and the crew is growing weary…

Let’s recap.  Week one, I was in intense pain running around, with a huge inflamed cyst on my leg, trying to get ready for Christmas, and last minute company, which all ended up with a trip to the ER.

Week two.  Christmas.  Post Op.  Lots of pain killers.  Company.  All last minute shopping.  No drinky treats because of said meds.  HELL.

Week Three.  New Years.  Cold.  Kids gone wild.  Meds wearing off.  Car broken down.  Sneaux-magedon approaches.

Week Four.  SNEAUXMAGEDON STRIKES.  Just about got in a fist fight at the store.  Made it home, and haven’t been able to leave since.  Brains are oozing, the world is frozen.  And I can’t eat one more damn sandwich, or watch the Croods one more flipping time.  Someone refill my flippen meds from week one PLEASE.

As I look out my window, and my vision is blurred by freezing rain, and more falling snow, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever make it back to sanity in one piece, or if we are doomed forever to live in this harsh realm of frozen hell forever… and I want nachos now.  Snow plows should totally deliver mexican food.

To be continued………………………………..

I Sorta Almost Died

I almost died this weekend. No joke.

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell ya that you can’t “almost” die. God either takes you, or he doesn’t. And since we weren’t tempting death, we just had a “lucky experience.” I think he’s in denial.

It was just your average Saturday around here. The kids were exhausted from the night before, so they were inside watching cartoons. The husband and I were out walking around…

The new baby goat was looking all cute, so we went over towards her, and we started chatting about this and that. An average summer storm was brewing out in the distance, you could feel the incoming cool breeze, but the clouds were still far off in the horizon, and thunder was not yet audible.

And then…

Have you ever taken a blanket out of the dryer, fleece blankets are the worst, you take it out, and it has so much static charge, it’s clinging to itself for dear life? Then you give it a good shake. The static pops and crackles as you disrupt it, raising your hairs, and charging the air around you…

THAT. The air crackled and popped, like someone was shaking out the largest fleece blanket ever, quickly followed by BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Insert in one of those milliseconds, bright lights, and my heart jumping all the way to Miami.

Death and I were feet away from becoming beasties.

Okay so maybe not feet away, I don’t actually know the exact spot the lightening hit. But from the ringing in my ears, the static in my hair, and my muscles that so did not want to relax, it was close enough, thank you very much. Scientifically, they say that sound happens within a 100 feet or less. Still too close.

As for the weather? After that strike we cautiously rushed inside (didn’t want to show mother nature any weakness of course), and saw nothing more, for ten minutes. Then, then it started to storm, and the nice weather man rushed on tv warning of deadly lightening. Thanks. Thanks a lot. *grumbles*

Moral of the story: You only almost get hit by lightening on sunny days. 😉

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Dro, Oh My!

Missouri is all about extreme weather.  The old saying of “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, because it will change”, is 100% true here.  It’s either flooding, drought, invasion of cicadas, blizzards, tornadoes, land hurricanes, extreme heat, ice storms, earthquakes… normal doesn’t register here.

Fly-by-night roofing and car repair shops actually set up real buildings here.  No joke. 

And sometimes just trying to keep up with mother nature out here can cost a fortune. 

Just in the past year we have lost twelve adult trees in our front yard, had our entire utility box pulled off of our house (okay so that might have been from a big truck pulling down the wires from the street and catching our yard on fire), hail damage, and now as of last night, shingles flying off our roof.

Which is why I found it funny when Military VA Loans asked if I could share some thoughts on home remodeling… um yeah.  Big time.  Matter of fact I’m hoping to be looking at shingle samples by next week.  (Like insurance companies can even work that fast, but still.)

I just hope that the insurance company and the roofer guys work faster at repairing our roof, than I do at remodeling the inside of our home.  Because, really, who takes a year and a half to finish a bedroom update?  And too, I don’t believe that the goat will be too fond of strangers trampling around her yard.

But at least, hopefully, we’ll be getting a new roof.  And one more project will be finished.  Now to find a way to get tha kitchen and bedroom done…

And thanks again Military VA Loans for offering up the topic!

How’s the weather been treating your home???

~In the Storms~

Life happens.  When it rains it pours and sometimes you get gail force winds right on top of everything else.  Things can really suck. 

It’s hard to not look back over the past year and a half and to not get depressed.  Disappearing family, broken homes, two family dogs lost, emergency surgery, cancer, seizures, bills, migraines, devastating tornadoes,  it rains, it rains, it rains, it pours. 

I need stock in Kleenex and wine. 

Life can be so jaded, so complex that we forget about the blessings, the good times, all the days that happened, the moments in between the tears. 

Like this weekend, the memory of driving through a deadly storm to get to my dog… how did it erase the night before, less than 24 hours before, of dancing all night with my husband and my kids, singing together, twirling, laughing, and falling down.  The kind of night that made me wake with a smile.  I’ll never forget the loss of that weekend… but I don’t want to forget the gains. 

Kids blowing bubbles, toes in a lake, smiles, hugs, a new reader proud and beaming, playing pretend, a perfect loaf of sourdough, working together, sitting under the stars, warm fires, tree frogs singing….

Getting back up when your heart is too weak to stand. 

Letting yourself fall apart to start with.

I’m convinced living is about every single moment, about letting yourself feel all the pains that surround you and choosing to keep going.  It’s not about the telling yourself you have no right to hurt because others have it worse, it’s about feeling every inch of your own grief and allowing it, because it is yours.  It’s about seizing every second that’s given to you, every bump, every smile.  It’s all about putting yourself back together and facing it all again. 


There will always be rain, the storms might always be on the horizon, but I’d rather be out there taking pictures, flying a kite, than hiding away in the basement.

*All pictures are my own.  Taken on Good Friday of last year when several tornadoes hit St.Louis, devestating many lives and shutting down Lambert Airport.

Sneaux Day Part Deux

Yesterday at 5:30 am I got the call, the boy’s school was cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Honestly at first I was excited.  I didn’t even have to watch the little closing notices on the news, or search the interwebs… they called me!  (This would be our first snow day ever, and when I was in school you had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to watch for your school on the tv)  And then I was excited for the boy, his first ever snow day!  He could play outside, drink tons of hot chocolate, watch movies and play with his sister so I could get laundry done!  AWESOME!

And then the minions woke up, and so did I.

After convincing the boy that going out to play in the snow at quarter to 6 in the morning, while it’s pitch black and a windchill of 0* is a BAD IDEA, both the minions got bit with the cabin fever bug almost immediately.

Fighting, crying, whining, fighting, I want I want I want, crying.

The roads were covered in black ice, my fridge was (is) literally bare, not one snack in the house, a high of 4* windchill outside for the entire day… and the three of us were locked inside.  Not even bribes of cupcakes could slice through the foul odor of the day.

And on top of it my wallpaper, my hideous awful YELLOW wallpaper started to mock me, seriously, and SOMEONE had the bright idea to tell me to read the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” – bad idea.

But I told myself, tomorrow there shall be school.  Just one day, and tomorrow I’ll get to the store, I’ll buy milk and wine and chips, and put this all behind me.  This stupid friggen winter weather.  After all, surely they wouldn’t cancel school again, with only a whole 1.8 inches of snow on the ground…

8:30pm my phone rings, “This is ————- School District, calling due to inclement weather there will be no school for tomorrow, have a good weekend.”


It get’s even better.

2 snow days + the weekend + Monday and Tuesday SCHEDULED OFF = 6 days of no school.  SIX.

Putting the general concerns of when is my boy actually going to get an education to the side…

He got in trouble Wednesday for being loud in class, which equals no video games at home until he has a good day in school.  I don’t take back punishments.  Six freezing days of no school and NO video games.  *mutters* I don’t take back punishments.  *makes a mental note to check the weather before dishing out discipline*

Two minions, too wound up for words, 6 days of freezing weather, 3 working dogs barking their heads off in the basement because they can’t stay outside, a goat to tend, and 4 chickens… 6 days of freezing weather, tending to the creatures outside and two wound up children.  No wine in the house, no vodka, no snacks.  6 days.  And my wallpaper is mocking me.  The little turned up edges calling to me to rip and pull.  Yellow even, that wallpaper, such a horrid yellow.

I hate winter.

And Then then Storm…

The suited man on the television is telling me that the temperature outside is 50*.  Today’s high will land us somewhere amongst the sixties.  It’s January, and I live in the midwest, where last week we were having lows of 16*.  This can only mean one thing.

Welcome back Tornado season!

I say that with mixed emotions.  My aunt and uncle almost lost their homes last Good Friday from a tornado, they just got to move back in last week.  Joplin Missouri is still trying to recover and regroup after all of the lives that were lost last year.  (go jump on youtube, there’s some terrifying videos from Joplin and Lambert Airport) We still have trees snapped in half, holes in the ground where trees were uprooted, and siding to repair from where our utility box was ripped off of the wall.

Tornado season used to be fun.

Where I live is among Tornado Alley, a virtual highway for these devastating storms.  I’ve grown up with sirens blaring, trees snapping, and amazing views in the sky.  (If I can get my old laptop to boot back up, I’ll have to grab some pics for you, I have videos from last year, but my lovely dial-ups won’t let me upload them here)

I’m the kind that stands out in the middle of the storms, camera in hand, mesmerized by the whole thing.  It’s hard to walk away.

Things change though, when it’s not just you.  When there’s minions, and acres of unknown woods around you… it’s a wee bit intimidating.

But then again there’s just something about that charge that builds in the air, the stillness of the clouds, the green of the sky, the hot and the cold pulling at the tiny hairs of your skin, the quietness of it all, and then, then… the storm.

Here’s hoping, praying for a fun and SAFE storm season.


Baby it’s Cold Out There

Winter is here.  Big time here.  Like I should have been hibernating in a cave weeks ago here. 

Summer left all too quickly, just like my favorite chocolate in the Halloween Trick or Treat bag.  Gone.  Poof.  Vanished before I could properly enjoy it, leaving the desperate want of more.

I want more hours playing in my garden:

Organic Pest Control

I want more hours of toes in the water:


I want more hours of watching storms blow in:



And I want absolutely NONE of this:

Oh sure the sneaux (aka snow) is absolutely beautiful.  Maybe even breathtaking, blanketing everything in a peaceful white.  But it’s cold, and messy, and not conducive to gardening in tank tops and flip-flops, and there’s no frolicking through the green fields of prairie grass and wildflowers with the goat… 


Dear Summer, I miss you greatly and my heart shall not heal until you come back to me.

*Chokes down more vitamin D*