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~Thank You~

I  found out a few things today.

1)Socks can brighten your whole entire day.

2)Animal Control is closed today.

3)I can almost make myself cry while writing a fictional novel.

But today is not really about how I’m sure Animal Control is in on the Moosen Goosen’s conspiracy, or how I might have just made two batches of bready goodness with yeast that may or may not be dead.  No.  Today is about those who were willing to give their lives so I could have the freedom to dance around in striped witchy socks, and ramble on in my blog about things so pointless, things that in other countries would give me time in prison, if I were lucky.

Days like today touch me deep down in my core.  I never served, not like that.  I was too little, too weak, too chicken shit.  I saw the effects war had on people, I lived with them daily.

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I’ve stood at the Wall and held grown men’s hands while they chalked an impression of their brothers lost in war.  I’ve walked the massive grounds at Jefferson Memorial with rows and rows of gravestones so perfectly, beautifully laid and adorned with flags… All of my family can be found there. 


But today is not just about the fallen, the deceased.  Today is about all of us.  It’s about those who are serving as we speak, on the other side of the planet, far from all they know.  It’s about those thinking about joining the fight, and those who are picking up the pieces after returning home.  Today is about the family members who have watched their loved ones board a plane on their way to war, and those who have unloaded a casket from a plane.  Today is about our freedom and the cost it brings with it.

And before I ramble on much longer, I’ll wrap this up.  Thank you everyone for my freedom, especially my father.  ❤  Words cannot express my gratitude.









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I think they said it all.  ❤