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Good Riddance 2013

It’s that time of year when the bloglands are filled with resolutions, and plans to do this and not that, and goals, and promises, and sweet little recaps of the closing year.

Normally I’d be cranking out my master list of 101 things I would like to consider tackling in the next 365 days… but this year I need a change.

A HUGE change.  We’re talking ginormous.  Godzilla times a million big.  Because last year chewed me up, and then threw me away with the bath water.  Cold bathwater, up the creek too, between a rock and a hard spot.

I’m sure there were some good parts dangled in front of me last year.  Like a visit from a dear friend.  My 60th sale on Etsy.  Getting a cell phone that actually worked.  But the bad parts trumped the good.  And then were topped with even more bad sprinkles just to keep it lively.  Like loosing my FIL, and while trying to make plans to make it up to him, flinging hot oil onto my contact lens.

Or like right before Christmas, being excited to have almost all of the shopping done.  And having my shop doing somewhat well.  And then having a cyst flare up to the size of a golf ball, then having the husband’s company CANCEL Christmas bonuses (Hey! If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?), while your oven is deader than a doorknob, then your door knob breaks, in the lock position, then your husband’s car needs over $500.00 worth of work, then you go to the ER where they knock you out with oddles of drugs, and company is on the way, and just announces they will be staying for Christmas.  (Where do you think you’re going? Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We’re all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here. We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye. And when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he’s gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse.)

Last year needs to choke and die a slow and painful death.  And it best not leave any of its baggage with this year.  Or I’ll be learning how to blog with my arms tied behind me in a spiffy white coat.  How I wish I was joking.

So my plans and goals for 2014?  In general, to buckle down, to burn last year’s calendar, and to pray for the best.  After all, the best laid plans can blow up in your face, and things can always get worse (and probably will), tomorrow may not ever be.

We have to live, knowing, that today is where we are supposed to be.  Right here in the now, that’s our purpose.  And that’s my goal.

So 2013, Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?


Fine.  I’ll just go back to knitting, and watching Christmas Vacation for the millionth time.  😉


I’m Cancelling Summer


I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m cancelling summer!  Yup, you read that right… I’m cancelling the whole dang thing!

Okay, so I’m not actually cancelling the season known as summer, that would be crazy talk, and it’s my favorite season.  I’m cancelling MY summer, my demands, my expectations, my normal go-to plans.

I’m calling off the usual spring rush of starting seedlings, and buying new chicks. I’m calling off summer camp for the boy.  I’m calling off the massive dreams of finally fixing up our yard.  Done.  Deleted.  Ain’t gonna happen.

I’m letting the sunny days free fly around here.  We’re gonna do, or we’re gonna do not.  We’ll sip lemonade, and not worry about catching that dang bus for summer camp.  We’ll roll in the grass, and practice our taekwando moves in the sprinkler.

I’m going to play in my garden, and flip the bird to the dang drought we’ve been predicted to have, once again.  No buying seed, no buying plants.  It’s a season to create pretty walkways, and fences, and dance with the kids.

We’ll doodle in notebooks, and color with chalk on the driveway.  We’re gonna grill, and burn our tongues on marshmallows.  That ugly coop, it will get finished someday, and when it does, we’re gonna paint murals in it, with finger paints… because we can.

I’m going to create.  And I’m going to have that date with me, under that big shade tree, while I throw that stupid to-do list into the bonfire.  Because I am cancelling summer.




Insanity, it Happens

When I sat down to write out my annual 101 things in 365 days list (posted on my other blog) somehow my fingers cranked out, “Tackle another NaBloPoMo”.   I obviously wasn’t thinking, and I’m sure I was just trying to fill in spaces on the list, and probably, just probably I was suffering through another moment of insanity fueled by 70* weather surrounded by snowy days.


I don’t have time for this.  Every free minute I have should be filled with knitting, and crocheting, and making soaps and such.  Because momma needs a new car that doesn’t die every time it rains.

And too, I have a shiny new blog for the business to work on, and I need to be promoting that, and being all business like, and a garden, and animals, and a kitchen remodel that’s been halfway done for months now…

Let’s not forget the whole, I know better than to do NaBloPoMo in February, I should pick a short month, and I should definitely plan ahead, with scheduled ideas, with some kind of plan…

But. It. Is. On. That. Damn. List.

And I want to slay that list this year.  And why not get to it right now.

And since I gave up on any sort of actual writing, aren’t I not free to write whole blog post about nothing?!

Insanity.  It’s what this friggen cold weather peppered with tornadoes does to me.

Ps.  I’m still skipping the weekends.  ;p


That’s me, at least for today, shameless and such.  And I’m fine with it.

This is 100% a plug… for myself, in part of my scheme for world domination.  You see, I’ve already taken over Alaska, New York, Florida, California, Ohio and beyond… but I need to reach your town!

How am I taking over?

With knitting, crocheting, and soaps of course.


So go now, show some love.  Visit my shop at and marvel over my creations.  And be kind because I’m still figuring all of this out, and my camera died.  Humph.  While you’re there toss me some favorite love.  It helps.


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Just showing up, and following on any site would be such huge heaps of help!  Purchases are not required or expected!!!!  Thanks!!!!  Remember, sharing is c

White Goat Ranch

One day I will grab my muse by her throat and demand a real blog post out of her… one day.

But for today I’m going to share with you the most awesome thing that has ever hit the interwebs!  Are you ready for it?

Okay so it might not be the most awesome thing on the interwebs ever, but it is my new Etsy shop, and I would love for everyone to go check it out.

There’s not a lot on there yet, but there are lots of projects I’m slaving away at, that should be ready soon.

Also I’m accepting custom orders for most knit and crochet projects to be ready for Christmas, for two more weeks.  (think of all those pins you have for hats, scarves and such that you never have time to make)

And because I am who I am, I have to insert that I am not asking my readers to run out and buy stuff, unless you want to.  I don’t expect any of you to make a purchase, and will hold no hard feelings if it’s just not your thing.  Trust me, I get it.  And I get how thin people’s wallets are.

I do ask that you follow me on facebook at and if you have an extra second to favorite me at .  (The amazing Elaine and I are still working on a offical site/blog) 

Also, as usual I would love to hear your feedback.  You can shoot that over to jemily383 (at) gmail (dot) com. 

And too, because rambling is a necessity here I will be looking to provide at least two promotions in the next two months, shoot me an email if you’re interested in hosting one. 



Are You Willing to Make a Change?

Is it possible to change your life? 

What change would you make?  Is it big, is it small, is there just one, or would you make at least a dozen changes?

Could you turn around just one or two small aspects of your life and make yourself a better, happier person?

Yesterday I stumbled on an article claiming that in just 100 days you could make a major change in your life by just doing one or two things everyday.  This isn’t a new idea to me, I’ve followed, I’ve read the books, the blogs, watched the shows on tv, and have always ended up bored, procrastinating, forgetting about my “mission” and so many more excuses. 

Life always seems to get in the way of making a real change.

But changing things, even just small things is always so appealing.  Because what if, just maybe, things could be different, better, easier, and the grandest of all allures… more fulfilling?

What if I could have changed things on try #1, or #2, or #12 two years ago, if I had just stuck with it?!

What if you could have changed such and such six months ago… where could you be now?

Ahh, but the point isn’t looking back and saying “what if”, the point is to let your past motivate you to actually dedicate yourself to a happier you today.   Or something of that nature.

I’m challenging you and myself to pick FIVE things from the list of sixty to tackle for the next 100 days.  Keep a journal, keep a blog, keep some record that shows your progress.  Dedicate yourself, find a friend to keep you accountable, don’t go it alone, storing the idea in the back of your head.  DO NOT procrastinate and say you’ll think about it later, waiting for the perfect time, the perfect list of five… just start now.  Because I know you are already psycho-analyzing this whole thing.  Stop.  It. 

Here’s the link again for the list that inspired this post:

You can choose from that list, another list, or make up your own five.  But share it with us!

Here’s my five:

  1. Set an hour aside every day for the next 100 days to devote to creating one source of passive income.
  2. Create a “100 Days to Conquer Clutter Calendar” by penciling in one group of items you plan to declutter every day, for the next 100 days.  Here’s an example:
  3. Follow the advice proffered by positive psychologists and write down 5 to 10 things that you’re grateful for, every day.
  4. Make it a point to learn at least one new thing each day: the name of a flower that grows in your garden, the capital of a far-off country, or the name of a piece of classical music you hear playing in your favorite clothing boutique as you shop. If it’s time for bed and you can’t identify anything you’ve learned that day, take out your dictionary and learn a new word.
  5. For the next 100 days do one kind deed for someone every day, however small, even if it’s just sending a silent blessing their way.

I wanted to choose something from every group, but there’s no reason to go overboard all at once, even if most of them sounded like great ideas that I just have to do now!

So let’s see it, what’s on your list?

(and psssst, go to to follow my upcoming craft thingy)

The Fork in the Road

I’ve had the itch lately to get back to work.  I’m not sure what’s driving the need, beyond the fact that I go through waves of this and that, and can never seem to really make my mind up about anything.

Or maybe it’s life telling me I need to do it.  Maybe it’s just the time, or maybe it’s not and I’m just looking too far into things, which I tend to do.

(For those of you out of the know, my real profession is Professional Dog Training, from basics to Military)

I haven’t stopped working, I still train here and there, but I haven’t pushed it lately… mostly boredom, mostly economy.  And maybe it’s all from the blow of a big opportunity that had come before us, that never came to be because of said economy.  (Having a full plate at home never helps either)

And the clock is ticking by, wasting precious seconds and chances.  And I only wish I could decide on the right path.  I’d love nothing more than to shove myself fully into ten different directions, because I really don’t want to give up anything… I want/need to do it all. 

Which explains why last night I was tearing out pages for kitchen remodels, while practicing songs for the fake band, while contemplating how I could proceed with the dog training, while charging my kindle, while yelling at myself for not editing the book, while thanking God for Venti sized coffee.

Have you had to decide on a certain path?  How’d you make the decision?  What did you have to let go of?  Anyone want to fund an awesome Dog Training idea?

Vacation Time! (sorta)

Vacation time!  Yes I’m cutting to the chase for once, and no, I’m not actually going on vacation. 

I am however giving myself permission to not log onto anything outside of my email for one whole entire week.  (hint, hint, hint, I love emails! barefootcoffeegirl (at) gmail (dot) com)

I’m going to allow this place to get dusty as I fight back the drought outside so I can blow stuff up for Independence Day.  (Safely of course, half our state has banned fireworks because of this damn drought, prayers for some rain please!)

So that’s about all that I have for you today… See ya next week, and happy Independence Day!!! 

Go Time

Funny things about breakthroughs, they seem brilliant in the moment as they’re spawning, but the next morning they tend to dim and tarnish.  This is my attempt to stop that.

It was one of those self condemning moments, where I was fighting with myself over my lack of confidence in my wip, and how I’d rather start a new project, one I could feel better, one I could fall in love with, but why can’t I finish the first one… when it hit me, make yourself fall in love with this one.  Give it what your heart is missing in it.  Duh. 

And then came the cast iron pan over the head… make yourself do it.  Do IT.  Seems simple enough, unless you’re raising young children, five million animals, a garden on a rocky ridge, landscaping and trying to remodel your home, and, and, and… 

I keep waiting for the right time, but truth is, there will never be a right time.  And I need this done for me.  Forget showing anyone else, I need to show myself.  I need the proof.  ME. 

I need to do this, before my inner voice wins and says I can’t do it at all.  And I can’t look to others to lean on.  So here we go, or here I go, and here it goes. 

One month is what I’m giving myself.  Unreasonable?  Probably.  One month to finish this round of edits, and hopefully get some critiques.  I will be writing my queries in July… no matter what.  Even if my inner voice is screaming at me to quit.  This is it. 

And I’m not so sure how I will be able to keep up with the blogging and everything else during this time, but I can’t worry about that, not too much.  Okay so I’ll probably be worrying a lot about it all.

Do you have a goal you’ve been avoiding that you want to crack down on?

Do you have tips, hints and advice that might help me or others make this happen?

Do you need my address so you can send me lots of encouragement, chocolate and coffee?  (I need pretty office stuffs too, maybe some flower and new tunes)

Do you want to guest blog for me so  don’t have to neglect this space for too long?

“If I Die Young”

Somehow last night I found myself watching tv.  Yes that’s pretty odd for me, because watching tv requires sitting still for long periods of time while I could be doing something else, like soaking the green beans I wanted to get planted today *grumbles*.

Anyhow I was watching House, and although it’s a show I really like, I couldn’t call back anyone’s names if my life depended on it, so bear with me.  House’s friend, was getting ready to figure out if he was going to beat his cancer or die from it, which of course got me thinking…

What would I do if I found out my end was near?  (assuming of course I still felt well enough to do things)

Which then got me drinking because I hate morbid things. 

I quickly decided on one grand trip to some place full of awesome with my entire family.  I’d want to go make a week full of memories and photos before succumbing to what ever was going to kill me.  (chipper right?)

But how often does someone get to plan something like that?  I really want to leave behind something physical for my children, something just for them, besides a blog full of jabber (wonder if I’ll still be doing this in twenty years?) and a house full of half-finished crafts. 

So I decided, a journal, a separate one for each of them.  Handwritten by me, started now (or as soon as I buy them), covering every aspect I can think of.  School, Highschool, College, Dating, Marriage, being a Parent, Hardships, Faith and so on.  Just letters, scraps of writing, photographs, to be hidden away, written without them knowing about them, hopefully to be treasured when the day might come.  (And I’m thinking that there’s going to be a forward explaining on how I’ll haunt them if they just trash it all.)

And I have to say “might come” because saying “when the day will” is just simply to morbid for a second cup of coffee. 

What would you do if you knew when your time was coming?

What would you have like a loved one to leave behind for you?

And when will I get off of all these gloomy topics?