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Go Time

Funny things about breakthroughs, they seem brilliant in the moment as they’re spawning, but the next morning they tend to dim and tarnish.  This is my attempt to stop that.

It was one of those self condemning moments, where I was fighting with myself over my lack of confidence in my wip, and how I’d rather start a new project, one I could feel better, one I could fall in love with, but why can’t I finish the first one… when it hit me, make yourself fall in love with this one.  Give it what your heart is missing in it.  Duh. 

And then came the cast iron pan over the head… make yourself do it.  Do IT.  Seems simple enough, unless you’re raising young children, five million animals, a garden on a rocky ridge, landscaping and trying to remodel your home, and, and, and… 

I keep waiting for the right time, but truth is, there will never be a right time.  And I need this done for me.  Forget showing anyone else, I need to show myself.  I need the proof.  ME. 

I need to do this, before my inner voice wins and says I can’t do it at all.  And I can’t look to others to lean on.  So here we go, or here I go, and here it goes. 

One month is what I’m giving myself.  Unreasonable?  Probably.  One month to finish this round of edits, and hopefully get some critiques.  I will be writing my queries in July… no matter what.  Even if my inner voice is screaming at me to quit.  This is it. 

And I’m not so sure how I will be able to keep up with the blogging and everything else during this time, but I can’t worry about that, not too much.  Okay so I’ll probably be worrying a lot about it all.

Do you have a goal you’ve been avoiding that you want to crack down on?

Do you have tips, hints and advice that might help me or others make this happen?

Do you need my address so you can send me lots of encouragement, chocolate and coffee?  (I need pretty office stuffs too, maybe some flower and new tunes)

Do you want to guest blog for me so  don’t have to neglect this space for too long?


My brain is filled with thoughts on inspirations and dreams.  The things that move us, inspire us, the things we dream about while comparing prices on toilet paper in aisle twelve.  Those things.

I’m one of those who are easily inspired.  Which would be awesome if I had the motivation to ever follow through, but my inspiration always falls short of actual follow through… I’m a dreamer with a huge imagination that takes little to inspire it.

My current work in progress is all in thanks to an afternoon of Man vs. Wild re-runs and one PBS special on horseback riding through Denali National Park.  And doesn’t that all just scream a tangled web of vampires and broken hearts?  At least that’s safer than actually being dropped off out of a helicopter onto the top of Denali… right?

And why is it that inspiration always shows up when you’re in the middle of driving 65 mph on a super busy highway while your kids screams for a dropped pacifier? 

What inspires you?  What dreams do you have?  Are you a go-get-em type of person or do your prefer to sit back and daydream in the safety of normal life?