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And She Was, Book Review

I’m been staying up way too late at night, hearing way too many scary noises outside, just to read in peace and quiet.  Obviously with all the scary sounds outside (why am I hearing monkies?) the peace and quiet part isn’t quite happening yet, but I am getting books read.

I’ve been slacking on reviews, and have many to share, but today we’re starting with this…


The book is based mainly on a Private Investigator with a brain that can recall every single detail from her life.  Think photographic memory with added in touch, taste, smell, sounds… you get the point.  She gets called in to a case to find a missing wife, that gets wrapped into a case from a missing girl, which takes her (the PI) to the case of her very own missing sister.  (And you have to throw in the handsome Detective that’s running the show.)

The first few chapters gave me a headache.  The book is written all in third person, and flips back and forth from character to character… and while reading in between diapers, dishes and loads of laundry I kept getting lost.  But I refuse to ever not finish a book, and I’m glad I didn’t quit.  Eventually I caught on to who was who, and never saw it a problem after that.  And actually it was really well written.

The story was intense, but not too intense, never leaving me bored with the whole who done it theme.  There are murder scenes, but just graphic enough for you to get the point, and not graphic enough that your stomach turns.  Really it was just a good story, with a sequel coming out next year.  (Wait did I finally read a book before the whole series was out?)  I will be buying the sequel. 

What else can I say?  I really ended up liking the book, and was kinda ticked that I have to wait another year to finish the cliff hanger at the end.  So go get it, now.  Or wait until I remember how to log into my old Amazon account so you can give me some credit, lol.


*obviously I was not paid for this review and I bought the book on muh own, just cause.  😉