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A Challenge, a Review, and a Rant (We’re Talking Books)

A while back, several bloggers dished out challenges all related to reading.  And if my lovely, sweet, dear dino-dial-up was in a better mood this morning I’d link them all up for you.  But just booting my blog took a half hour, so my apologies to the challenge givers and such.

Reading in this house can be harder than pulling a tooth.  Kids and dogs and a husband… and dishes and laundry, and gardening… and and and….

Finding books around here is almost a suicide mission.  No library, no bookstore, unless you count Wal-Mart and its fifty copies of New Moon…

But I simply cannot turn down a challenge.

So my reading list is small, with a goal of only fifteen.  But the challenge is in the books themselves… *insert dramatic music*  They have to already be in my house, or free on kindle.   Dun DUN dunnnnnnnn.  Or even worse, available at the local wanna be dollar store.  *shivers*

And I am lying a wee bit.  The first three books I read this year were the Hunger Games, and I paid full price.  Butttttttt, sometimes you just have to.  And technically I bought them before January and they were lying around my house…

And here’s the rant of it all.  And why I might divorce WordPress.  I have a nifty program I’ve been using for a while, passed down to me from another friend.  It lets you search all the random searches I come up with during the day, and in turn gives me points that I can use to get gift cards to buy anything I want… like books!  And it just so happens that in turn I can pass it down to others, and earn points off of them… and earn more BOOKS!  But WordPress won’t let me share it with you.  It eats my links anytime I post them.  Um HELLO freedom of speech, this is my blog and if I want to spam it I should be able to… right?  Well not here, but my blogger blog lets me… so yeah.  And I’ll probably get another nasty note from WordPress about threats of suspension and such, but if you’re interested in joining, or want to know more, just email me (barefootcoffeegirl (at) gmail (dot) com).  Neener.

And because I’m famous for long-winded blogs here’s a quick book review for you… which I’ve never done before, so bear with me.

The Birth House by Ami McKay

This one I picked up at my local wanna-be-dollar-store.  I kind of, almost, just closed my eyes and picked one.  It was just one of those days where I needed a new book, and I really didn’t care what it was, as long as it wasn’t some sort of fluffy romance novel.

It was/is well written, and apparently by some famous Canadian journalist or something like that, but the verbage confused me, and I kept thinking it was from New Orleans instead of Nova Scotia.  But that’s my own blonde brain problem, lol.

The story is about a girl, in the time of World War I, and how women were facing issues on rights over their own bodies, healthcare and the like.  She soon becomes a live in apprentice to the town’s only midwife who is more like a gypsy/voodoo healer than she is the christian believer the writer tries to portray.  IMO.  Anywho, the book goes on through births, evil husbands, life in that era and the struggle when modern medicine moves into town.  And on how the main character, Dora Rare finds herself and her calling in life.

The book was interesting, interesting enough that it held my attention and I wanted to finish it.  But the ending was common, just the way you’d thought it would be, like the writer ran out of ideas and just closed it up as quick as she could.  Kind of like the end of Mocking Jay.  You’re drawn, reading, reading, wanting more, caught up in the whole ordeal, and then it just stops all wrapped up and fuzzy.  I hate that.  But that’s just me.

The other part I didn’t like was again the storyline that this was all christian, Jesus loving, Mary mother of God, but voodoo like medicine played a huge role, as did abortions.  Which to me does not mix, but it probably wouldn’t bother others who aren’t of my conviction. 

Keeping this short, I’d give it a 3 out of five.  My attention was held, but it’s not a re-reader.  I’m not running out to look for other works by the author, but I would pass the book on to friends.  So there ya go.

The world’s worst written book review.

Enjoy.  ;p