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Today I was supposed to finish the 500 things on my to-do list. 

Today I was going to edit wonderfulness right into my novel-in-progress.

Today I was going to kick the funk, make my house sparkle and do wonderful, glorious things.

And then I woke up crying. 

Why?  Probably because I’m a female who needs more sleep, more nutrition, more exercise and probably much less sitting at a laptop.  Probably because I hate winter and winter hates me.  Probably just because.

I wrote a post, published it, and then deleted it.

I started to paint, and quit.

I tried, I was gonna, I had high hopes and I got absolutely nothing done.

It is just one of THOSE kind of days

I even tried to drown myself in caramel and whipped cream, topped with coffee.  Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.

Later I might bribe myself with dark chocolate and French vanilla coffee, after the minions have gone to bed.  After all, funks can’t last forever, right? 

Nevermind the tasks that face me tomorrow.  Nevermind the missing confidence and motivation.  Nevermind it all.

I can and I will.  Soon.  Real soon. 

Maybe today just needs to be yesterday… or something like that.