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That Thing

I used to have a “thing”, a thing that was all my own.  I’d have that spotlight that I craved, get that attention… it was mine.  All of which was an odd thing on its own, as I’m incredibly shy and would be on the verge of vomiting and panic attacks when I would even consider standing out. 

And then the uniqueness fluttered away, my thing became everyone’s thing and I slowly lost my nerve.  Competition always destroyed my guts.  I’m a wuss.

And then the thing became replaced by new things, family, bills, being an adult.  I lost sight of anything outside of the family/adult thing.  Things of the past just couldn’t fit in.

Lately though I have come to realize that I’m missing having my own thing, whatever that thing may be.  There’s a gut feeling that without that thing I may soon lose the edge on the things I do have. 

Have I said “thing” enough yet? 

But what is that thing? 

How do you fit in a thing of your own while still kicking arse at the day-to-day things? 

Will I ever figure this out and stop rambling endlessly on this topic? 

Did you notice that in that picture I still managed a ponytail even though my hair is like 2 inches long? 

And will George Harrison’s song about time and money ever get out of my head this morning?

“To do it, to do it, to do it Riiiiiiighttttt.”