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The Fork in the Road

I’ve had the itch lately to get back to work.  I’m not sure what’s driving the need, beyond the fact that I go through waves of this and that, and can never seem to really make my mind up about anything.

Or maybe it’s life telling me I need to do it.  Maybe it’s just the time, or maybe it’s not and I’m just looking too far into things, which I tend to do.

(For those of you out of the know, my real profession is Professional Dog Training, from basics to Military)

I haven’t stopped working, I still train here and there, but I haven’t pushed it lately… mostly boredom, mostly economy.  And maybe it’s all from the blow of a big opportunity that had come before us, that never came to be because of said economy.  (Having a full plate at home never helps either)

And the clock is ticking by, wasting precious seconds and chances.  And I only wish I could decide on the right path.  I’d love nothing more than to shove myself fully into ten different directions, because I really don’t want to give up anything… I want/need to do it all. 

Which explains why last night I was tearing out pages for kitchen remodels, while practicing songs for the fake band, while contemplating how I could proceed with the dog training, while charging my kindle, while yelling at myself for not editing the book, while thanking God for Venti sized coffee.

Have you had to decide on a certain path?  How’d you make the decision?  What did you have to let go of?  Anyone want to fund an awesome Dog Training idea?