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I Wanna Fly

Surly you have heard of Fly Lady right?  She’s an organizing, decluttering, cleaning guru that focuses on loosing “that stinking thinking” that our daily tasks can bring us.  (you can check her out at http://flylady.org )  In Fly Lady’s book FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself.  Aka, doing things because you deserve to have them done instead of doing them because they have to be done. 

I’m trying to lose my stinkin thinkin.

I’ve been wrapping myself head to toe in stinkin thinkin.

Granted, I’ll give myself a little break, as my face/jaw is convinced that it must mimic labor pains, and I have had just enough hours of sleep the past few days to keep me more human than zombie.  But I’m ready to FLY.  I need to FLY. 

I need just a little taste of success to get me inspired again.  I need a sparkling (not glittery) clean slate, and a fresh outlook.  I need me space and me time.  I deserve to make it happen.  I don’t need to compare myself, to belittle myself, to judge myself.  I need to re-read my post from a few weeks back on how I have my own skills, and that I’m not everyone else.  I need to swallow my own big horse pill and keep on moving.

I also need a lot more sleep.  *staples eyes open*  It’s hard to conquer the world, let alone your own mind on 3 hours of sleep.

Maybe for today I should just focus on cleaning off my desk, staying awake, and chasing the bebe minion. 

*slams more coffee*

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