That’s me, at least for today, shameless and such.  And I’m fine with it.

This is 100% a plug… for myself, in part of my scheme for world domination.  You see, I’ve already taken over Alaska, New York, Florida, California, Ohio and beyond… but I need to reach your town!

How am I taking over?

With knitting, crocheting, and soaps of course.


So go now, show some love.  Visit my shop at http://www.whitegoatranch.etsy.com and marvel over my creations.  And be kind because I’m still figuring all of this out, and my camera died.  Humph.  While you’re there toss me some favorite love.  It helps.


And no, that’s not it!  You’re not done yet!  Then I need you to dash on over to facebook and “like” me over at http://www.facebook.com/WhiteGoatRanch .  And join in on the conversation and such.  (That’s where you’ll find coupons and stuffs)


Then because you love me soooooo much, follow my “tweets” here: https://twitter.com/whitegoatranch .  You know you want to!

Last, but not least, Miss Griffin that we all know and love, made me an awesome site/blog at http://www.whitegoatranch.com .  I know you’re sick of me by now, so go and show her some love, lol.


Just showing up, and following on any site would be such huge heaps of help!  Purchases are not required or expected!!!!  Thanks!!!!  Remember, sharing is c

6 responses to “~Shameless~

  1. That’s “sharing is caring and such” WordPress and I are not getting along this morning!

  2. Yes Ma’am, I followed all your directions so you could feel the love.

  3. loved you up.. I will share with all my girls

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