A Speech from the Conservative Girl

Things have been awfully busy around here.  Between getting the animals ready for the winter, hail storms, starting a new business, the minions and more… well breathing some days takes a backseat.

Let’s throw in a whole heap of “I’m pretty sure my muse has run away forever.”  And yeah, my blog has been abandoned.  Which totally allows me the right to break my number one rule for here today.  I’m gonna talk politics.


I’m pretty sure you all can make it through one long post enough to just humor me.  Just one time.  Swearz it.

I am an outspoken, thick blooded, concreted in, Conservative.  Yes, I’m talking tea party backer, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh listener.  Constitution Lover.  That’s me.  I have guns, I have bibles, I voted for Romney and I’m damn proud of it.

And my “side” didn’t “win” the election.

*double gasps*

Election night I was up to 1 am, watching, waiting, observing.  Mouth tightly closed, fingers off the keyboard.  I didn’t go into Tuesday with shouting out that my party would kick arse.  I didn’t go into Tuesday thinking my party would lose.  All I knew is that I was DAMN proud that I could vote and show those in power that I did not agree with them, once again.  See that Claire, that gap between you and Todd, yup, that was ME.  Because every vote matters.

And we did loose.  And I didn’t say a word, because I have found it is wiser to watch and listen, then it is to flap your mouth.  Anything new takes time to process.  So I watched.  And then my life got super busy and I couldn’t make it back to the interwebs.

Then I got the phone calls, the text messages, the facebook messages (S and A this does not include you two! <3)… Everybody waiting, watching… what would I say/do?!

And so this long-winded blog post is my reply to those people who are waiting for some sort of speech from the hard-core conservative girl.

Eh hem.

I am damn proud of my fellow conservatives.  Especially in my state of Missouri.            So our GOP screwed us on the Akin deal.  He said something stupid, just like every other politician in the nation… and we got screwed.  Whatever.  But even with Miss I know better than the people of Missouri Caskill, we also voted in the same breath to take away the power she wanted the most.  Awesome!  (FYI Missouri passed a law that no government player could pass any type of healthcare law (affordable care act) without our vote)  And then to top it off we beat down the tax raise of 760% on cigarettes, to stay the state with the lowest cigarette tax in the nation.  We gave back the power of our police departments to our cities, and voted for Romney to ice the whole cake.  I love Missouri.

Yet Romney lost.  And we get four more years of the same nothingness (you can debate me later on facebook, this is my speech) we just had.  And my husband will most likely lose his job for good, and we lose our awesome insurance… and so much more.  A little part of my heart, my country, died.

But all is not lost.

See, the president works for us, the people of this country.  He is but one man.  One single man.  And we only lost an election… and not by much.  We, the conservatives have not lost the battle for a better nation, and we are nowhere near giving up.  Republicans took many years to mess things up (not to be confused with the blame Bush mantra that is still going on, gah), and it will take us many, many battles to get things where they should be.

I am not upset.  I am not depressed.  I am excited.

Four more years for those who voted for Obama to get what they asked for.  Four more years for my party to show you why that’s not going to work.  Four more years to gather the Libertarians, the constitutionalist, the tea party, and the conservatives into a strong foundation and rally together.  Because let’s face it, the division caused by yesterday’s Republicans is why we lost.  The Democrats/Liberals played that card very well.

This is just the beginning.  And the work has already begun.

And I’m still excited and proud to be a conservative.  I am proud to have voted for Romney.  And I’m not ashamed of my political and faith stances.

So there you have it.

In closing this post does not leave room for any debates.  So don’t try it.  Adult, intelligent, researched debates are always welcomed via private message, email, or on my facebook page.

If you’re freaked out because you are on the opposite side of the fence… don’t sweat it… I’m not big on political bashing, and this blog isn’t going political anytime soon.

The end.  *ships soapbox back to Facebook*


5 responses to “A Speech from the Conservative Girl

  1. Can I leave a comment here?
    I appreciate your enthusiasm. And love you no matter what. ❤

  2. ❤ you. I didnKt vote for Romney or Obama, but I DID vote, because in my opinion neither of them are best to run the country. Not debating, just stating.

    • ❤ There's no debate there! I hear ya, and that's my point. Our parties have so much in common, yet the powers that be keep them seperated so that neither side will ever win. It's a shame. ❤

  3. Well said. WELLL Said.

    (Says the Democrat)

    I’m going to tape one of our coffee dates one of these days just to prove that dems and republicans CAN get along and act like grown ups (well.. maybe we wouldn’t be the best example for that lol).

    But very well said, and hey, we all need to let out some politics in our blogs once in a while. 🙂

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