In Other News

The time has come for this girl to make some cash.  I’ll spare you the details, and the so-on’s, and such.  It’s either I bring in some money, or I kiss my dino-dial-up-interwebs good-bye.  Which we know I just can’t do.

So it was suggested that I take my awesome Martha Skillz, and take over the interwebz hand-made market. 

But when you have so many mad skillz, where does one begin? 

I might have a few ideas rolled up my smock sleeves, but I would love your opinions…

  1. What handmade items would you be most interested in buying online? (and why)
  2. Where would you be most likely to buy from?  (ideas: website, blog, etsy, ebay, craigslist, etc)
  3. What’s your normal price range when buying an item online?
  4. And any other tips and or ideas you would like to share.




6 responses to “In Other News

  1. Hi Emily. I just recently started my shop on Etsy.

    Personally I prefer either a direct website or something like Etsy over Ebay or especially craigslist. You may also want to check out LilyShop as a possible option.
    When pricing a new item, I like to look up similiar items to get an idea of what they are going to and price in fair competitive range.

  2. I like Etsy, too. Hand made items like jewelry or textiles catch my eye, and if it comes in under $30.00, I’m more easily enticed! Good luck!

  3. I need more detail on your mad skills, like what are your strengths? Can you turn plain journals into unique one of a kind journals? Do you sew? I love quirky & cute aprons. Tote bags as well and small purses that are idea for concerts and such that fit a phone, keys, cash & credit cars…mix matched fabrics and such. Painted picture frames. Cards. Um….I’ll keep thinking

    • Ummm, strengths, short projects, things that can be done with minions about. I can knit, crochet, cross stitch, basic embrodery, sew, paint, sketch, glue, quill… I kind of know a bit about it all, to an extent. 😉

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