Big Old Bag of Nada

Here’s a big surprise for you…

I got nuttin.

Zip, zilch, zero, nada and all the like.  The big bag of ideas has been emptied, and even the lint has run dry. 

Yes, I know, it happens.  Keep writing and the ideas will return.  *rolls eyes*  I’m an expert at this whole big mountain of nothing.  But too, I’m lazy, and I have things to do and a bucket of paint that won’t make a mess of its self.

I want your ideas, even if you don’t have any.  Wanna guest post?  Great!  Wanna ask me five million questions?  Awesome.  Want me to share more of the book?  NOPE.  Fat chance.  Nice try.  Have an odd short story idea that you’re dying for me to butcher and manipulate?  I’ll take it!  Just shoot me an email with your ideas… please… soon……… h.e.l.p.



10 responses to “Big Old Bag of Nada

  1. Did you get any emails? I ran out of stuff to write about myself, so I’ve been writing and posting fiction, instead. I wonder if that happens to very many bloggers, or if it’s more common for us to just fade away? Anyway, don’t fade, my friend. The ideas are coming!

  2. But, if I give you my ideas then I won’t have any for myself. I’m working on a guest post now…and it stinks. So, perhaps I should have given it to you instead to make something better out of it! Oy…meh…phooey.

    • You can still give me your ideas, by the time I’m done with them they won’t look like yours, and then you’re free to still use them! Not that I’m begging, well, I am begging…

  3. I hear ya!! A big ol’ pile of nothing is about what I have right now also!

  4. Surprise! Time to spread encouragement around to bloggers with the Liebster Blog Award

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