Let’s See what’s Behind Door #2

All these changes, the drought, the healing, the this and that of life have shoved me down a different path.

It’s not a new path, I’ve been here before… but it’s been a long time, and the dust and cobwebs have taken over, making it hard for me to sort out what’s in front of me.

And with new paths come new ambitions.  (Actually I think that’s just me no matter what the path.)  Or maybe they’re not new ambitions, but more so that pieces are being rearranged, priorities being re-examined. 

Here’s what I’m looking at:

  • I’ve shut down my dog training site and am now working on a new business plan to submit sooner than later for grants on a new non-profit venture that I’ve wanted to do since I was five.  It’s still dog training if you’re looking for a hint.  (If you know the ins and outs of any of this grant and non-profit business or want to help out please email me!)
  • I’ve started working on a new blog (gasp!) that goes back to my original blogging style of more home and faith-based things.  I had to do it.  I need to get back to that place in my life.  And I needed to get away from wordpress and all their stupid rules of not posting affiliate links.  This economy begs that my time be spent increasing my family and home in one way or another.  WordPress I love ya, and this blog isn’t going anywhere, but you’ve hindered me for way too long.  For those interested I’ll be posting a link later when eveything is all set up and ready to go.
  • And you’ll notice that I’m not on any social networking sites.  This part won’t last, I promise I’ll be back once my goals around here have been met. It’s that priority thing.  Which sucks because friends ARE a priority, just not so much the huge blocks of time it takes me to connect to even chat with my friends.  I’ll work it out somehow.  (However I am stalking pinterest again to motivate myself to complete said goals around the house)  (and emails, have I mentioned how much I love emails?)

So what about the book?  It’s still in the plans, just moved back a few slots in importance.  There’s a few major details I didn’t quite care for and I suppose I’m waiting for my muse to work those kinks out and get back to me.  The nice thing about not being with an agent or publisher yet is that I get to take months off when ever I choose, and I’m fully going to enjoy that advantage while I can.

6 responses to “Let’s See what’s Behind Door #2

  1. A time for change. It must be in the air. The grant sounds awesome but I know what a pain they are. Unfortunately I have no experience writing them. Biggest question though, how are you feeling? Us friends want to know.

    • Better. I’m still working my way through the layer of scar tissue around my jaw joint which means lots of headaches, numbness and the like, but I moved up from jello and mashed potatoes to pastas… so that’s always good!

  2. Once you are squared and centered and such, you’ll get back on the book trail. I would like to state here that I’m an atheist trying my hardest to be an agnostic. While I shall never declare a ‘faith’, I believe in human kind and will continue to believe that all people of all belief systems can live harmoniously. But, I probably won’t read anything religony. Yes, that ‘y’ on the end is on purpose. That being said, some of the people I admire the most in the world are those with the deepest faith…ah, I love balance, it keeps us all sane. If I should fall by the wayside and not comment, please know that I shall stalk your hiney on Facebook nonetheless. 😉

    • Haha, like I said it’s on another blog, not here. I try to keep this one, uhhh, without politics and faith. And like I said before, I don’t do Religion. Religion is wealthy men setting laws to be in control and to make more money. I have a faith, a belief, which is a style of life in general. 😉 Now you have no excuses to not comment here. ❤

  3. Good for you!!! Sometimes the hardest thing is tune out the distractions and just get it done and (at least for me) having the faith to pull through to the finish. It’s great to hear you’re on the mend, too 🙂

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