Switching Gears

Sometimes in life, when we don’t take the time to slow down, life will make us slow down.  And sometimes life slows us down by giving us more, by testing our resolve and our priorities. 

Schedules and plans are ment to be disposable, or at least bendable.  Dreams and hopes need to allow enough wiggle room for sick children, heat waves, injuries, mood swings… and other dreams.

Somewhere along the lines my gears got rusted together, stuck in moving forward, stuck in impatience, and unable to switch back to just living for the today.  The brightness of tomorrow always made the today look dark and gloomy.

It’s time for something a little different.  It’s time to switch gears, ever so slightly, ever so slowly. 

Maybe you would like to join along?

I’m calling it, “July’s Camp Slow the Hell Down “… or something like that.

It’s going to be filled with grand things like coffee, pen and paper on the deck in the mornings, instead of coffee and emails at my desk.  One day freezer baking, instead of fighting with the bored boy and terrible two’s toddler, trying to get dinner ready before the husband comes home and before the toddler chews my leg off.  There’s going to be that thing called exercise, with the moving of body parts and sweating.  Heck lets throw in some arts and crafts too!  And lots of reading. 

It’s time to make time, and enjoy the time we have. 

It’s time to enjoy where I, where we are at.

Are you in?

How could you change things up in small ways?

5 responses to “Switching Gears

  1. I think I need some of this too. Lots more reading and writing instead of being online and always ‘on’. Going out more, too, to remind myself that I am a social creature and that there are still things worth seeing in the neighbourhood.
    Oh, yes, I’m in – you had me at the ‘slow down!’

    • I loved that, “always on”, maybe that’s my problem too! (and I swear I will remember to make it to your blog, oy, I’ve been a horrible follower this past two weeks!) Glad to have you in our camp!

  2. Oh.. ME ME ME!! I want iin! I am definitely up for more reading, more writing, and some coffee on the back deck!

    • Yay! I also want to add to my list, that I will be doing unscheduled drinking and sunbathing on the days when the bebe takes a nap! Except for today, it’s 110* out there… I’m gonna eat chocolate and cook instead!

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