Do You Waste Moments?


As I was waiting for my 6-year-old to come home from his “Summer School” camp thing, the local radio station was playing a clip from the incident between thirty students and the bus monitor… you already know what I’m talking about, I’m not getting into it.  What peaked my interest was when the host said, “My son is the military and I still want to rush home and drill him over this, I want to make sure somewhere, at sometime I taught him better than this.”  (paraphrased, my toddler was also singing at that moment.)

Which got me thinking… How can I use this incident to better my own family?  Or will I let the opportunity slip us by…

Life gives us tons of chances, millions even, for learning.  Some harsh, some don’t even sting. 

Like my close friend dying on his sixteenth birthday, from a drunk driver… himself.  That lesson was crushing.  One I will never forget, one my children will learn very soon before they have to feel that pain or even worse, cause it.

Or taking a series of tremors here on the New Madrid Fault line, to remember for the first time EVER to teach my kids about earthquake safety.  There hasn’t been a destructive earthquake here since the 1800’s, might never be one in our lifetime… but we live on the biggest fault line in the nation… doesn’t hurt to be safe.  One day we might be glad that we took those tremors as a lesson…

Every single thing that happens around us, every little news clip and reality show is a opportunity.  Do you seize it?  Do you jump on the chance to make your world a better place by learning from the mistakes, the pain, the heartache of others? 

Do you hear about a woman being mugged, and just thank your lucky stars it wasn’t you?  Or do you play out the scenario in your head, drill your self on safety and make sure that it doesn’t happen to you (within reason of course)?  Do you hear about bullies on the news and hope it doesn’t happen to your child?  Or do you sit down over and over again with them and teach them how to handle themselves… and more importantly make sure they aren’t a bully themselves? 

I’m not saying I’m a perfect person who learns from everything the way I should…  I’m just saying, maybe we should.  Maybe we need to seize those moments, the good and the bad, a little deeper, a little closer, a little longer, and take a little more action.

How about you?  Do you waste moments?

20 responses to “Do You Waste Moments?

  1. Excellent post! I think many of us let opportunities for growth and learning pass right by on a daily basis. I know I do!

  2. Sometimes I let the biggest learning opportunities slip through my hands…But at the same time I pick up on the little moments and try to do the best that I can 🙂

  3. You would make a good cop! We are constantly stopping at the bank, post office or local shop & rob, In uniform or out, and constantly playing scenarios through our head. When my children were young I was always discussing things we saw on the news, at a movie, or just happening in school. We had a huge family discussion after seeing Schindler’s List. One of the best I remember. I took my children to a rated “R” movie just so we could talk about it. Great post!

    • Oh my, I would make a horrible cop, unless I could just have a job training the dogs, ohhh and I love tracking with my shepherd! Narcotics detection is fun too! I’m just not good with confrontation, I’d be all, STOP or I’ll cryyyyy. ;p Uh, what were we talking about again? It’s just great to be able to use media and mainstream junk for an aid, an example on how we DON’T act. ❤

  4. “Maybe we need to seize those moments, the good and the bad,” I totally agree, that no matter how sad and uncomfortable are bad moments may have been, there is always an opportunity to learn from them, and to better ourselves. 🙂


  5. Emily,

    You are awesome. Thank you for reminding me of the value of moments. Some of mine tend to go to waste- I will try to ensure that they do not any more. 🙂

    Take care,


  6. Sometimes all as it takes is for us to turn to the light and allow it to flow through us to our world. God just needs one open window to shine light on a person or situation ANYWHERE in the world. A tiny flash of light, that lasts only a second can heal or change a life, a second of us relaxing, glancing His Way and merely allowing Him to do ALL the rest.

  7. Excellent thought provoking post. Yeah … I try to take those little opportunities to pass the wisdom to my girls (and even to myself and hubby)

    • Thanks! It just really reached out to me, knowing there’d be a million and one post written on the political sides of this situation, and wondering if people really used these things to look inside of themselves. ❤

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