In Where You Tell Me Brilliant Things

Have you ever found yourself having one of those moments, where there is so much going on at one time, you have so much to do, so much that you want to do, that you’re finding yourself just standing there?  No?  Just me?

It’s much like my ideas got on their pretty white horses and rounded me up to the cliff’s edge.  My toes are on the edge to taking this stuff seriously, my ideas are waiting for me to jump… and I sit down to have a picnic lunch and admire the view.  My ideas are not very happy with me.

It’s like singing (for me at least), when we’re having fun and screwing off with the mics I’m louder more confident, having fun.  But when we’re really practicing… oy.  And then my husband is asking, “What the hell, you hit that perfectly an hour ago when you were playing with the kids!?!”  I do better when it doesn’t matter.

But things are starting to matter.  And I need to take everything to the next level… and I’m frozen in place.

And I really am dreaming of a slave driver to show up at my computer, barking out orders at me.  Demanding deadlines and topics, shutting out weak ideas and insisting on only the best.  Not allowing me to freeze in place…

So tell me something brilliant would ya?

I’m looking for ideas for the blog, suggestions, tips.  Marketing.  Social platforms.  What am I doing wrong… and what am I doing right? 

Is it time to upgrade and put an investment into this little slice of the webs? (Our budget is always tight, so yeah I freak on just spending the 18 bucks to remove the wordpress from my name)  Or should the novel be my only concern? 

Or maybe you have a whole freakin post you could write on this whole subject… wanna do a guest post?

Tell me something! 

You can leave your thoughts in the comments or email me directly at barefootcoffeegirl (at) gmail (dot) com.


8 responses to “In Where You Tell Me Brilliant Things

  1. LOL, I’m so with you, Emily! I have days when I think, what’s all this blogging all about? Huh? I mean, why bother? And then I have other days when I can see the purpose of it all. Will email you a few thoughts as well, but for now: just keep truckin’! It takes time, and patience. I’ll come and guest post, if you’ll have me…

  2. I know what you mean, sometimes you sit there and bang your head trying to make ideas pop out. But I will say this, even when you are blogging about standing on the precipice of writing-feeling like you aren’t, you ARE, and you are good and that’s why I read you 🙂

  3. Well said, actually brillantly written
    The biggest jump we can make is from acting out of fear of “authority” or society’s opinion to acting from our own inner core/ soul/ spirit.

  4. If you invest the 18 dollars but then a year from now decide not to, everything you’ve marketed without the wordpress extension will be invalid and need to be changed. I think it’s well worth the money but think of it as a forever payment that can go up. Build on twitter and then join a good Triberr group. Triberr has been my favorite way to extend my blog post reach and it’s free. Get involved in Facebook reader/writing groups, another great marketing tool. You may be doing these but I thought I would throw my two cents in.

    • You’re very right Suzie, and it’s something that has stopped me from upgrading to self hosting to start with… loosing all the links Ia lready have. But dang it, there’s some nice features that come with self hosting… grumbles. 😉

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