~We Won’t Let You Fade Away~

Father’s day will be here soon.  But you won’t be.

We’ll be doing the cards and the handmade signs, the special lunches and dinners, the phone calls, the hugs, the memories.  But we can’t give him, your father, what he wants most.


There will be kisses and hugs, smiles and laughs.  There’ll be soft-spoken words of love from a toddler and grown up man stuff from the boy.  But there won’t be anything from his first-born daughter, not even a phone call or a discount store card.

Just emptiness.  That’s what you gave him.  A hole deep within his soul that no one will ever be able to fill… except for you. 

And I want to hate you for that.

I want to, but I cannot.

And so this Sunday, know that his love for you will only be growing stronger, that we will forever be thinking of you, no matter how hard you may try to fade away…


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