Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything

There’s been a few complaints, eh demands… fine requests to hear a synopsis on the novel I’ve been working on for years.  (okay well, it hasn’t been years of work, just years since it’s start date and today)  I’m not big on sharing, if you haven’t yet figure that out, because I have nightmares of people running away with my work and publishers turning their noses up at me because too much has been posted online.  So this is it, your last glimpse of my novel, until it becomes published in the next fifty years or until I give up and self publish it… either or.  And please note, this is just a glimpse for you, this is not in any way a finished product or what I’ll be sending off to agents in my query letters hopefully starting next month. 

Here’s your Synopsis for Denali:

Vacations are supposed to be the get-away from it all, stress relief, time of our lives. That’s all that Carly and Scott wanted, a break from their everyday lives. Years of saving and planning led them to a backpacking adventure on the side of Denali in Alaska. Two weeks of hiking, fishing, archery and campfires. Two weeks of escape from everyday lives. But two days into their vacation all they wanted to do was to escape back home, far away from that mountain. As animals started turning up dead, and their campsite ransacked, they knew this wasn’t the vacation they had dreamed of.   And then members of their group start to disappear… And when the group leader turns up dead, all blood drained from his body, they knew the great mountain was hiding a secret, a secret that was hunting them down one by one…

And one last snippet:

I finished up as quick as possible and was struggling to get the gun to stay put in the band of my pants when a loud crash sounded just feet away from me. I bit my tongue to keep my mouth from making a sound, and hunched down against a large tree next to me, carefully gripping onto the pistol.

Two Shadows emerged in the darkness. Human figures, defiantly not wolves. My heart instantly slowed down, people, just people. Maybe even Susan and Gregory! My insides swelled with hope, and my grip relaxed on the gun. But why were they being so quiet, out here in the trees? The camp is just right there, what are they doing here?

Before I could make a sound the skies opened up, and released a threating bolt of lightning. Just enough light, for just long enough to crush every single hope I had of making it back home.

Two male figures stood just 20 feet away from me. I couldn’t make out more than profiles in the darkness, but the way they stood, the way they moved. Every inch of my core told me that these men were not the kind you run to for help. The hairs standing at ends on my body told me these were the type of men you run far, far away from, as fast you can.

I took a slow deep breath, trying to keep my body from trembling. The rain was falling harder, and I was beginning to panic beyond control. I squeezed the handle of the gun as tight as humanly possible, trying to displace the tension from my body to the metal object. The men were still just standing there, not talking, not moving, just… sniffing the air? My mind got lost in the image I was seeing, who sniffs the air? What the hell are they doing? What are they trying to smell out here?”

Enjoy!  And don’t say I never gave you anything!  lol.  Now back to editing.  And don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!


11 responses to “Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything

  1. Bless you – thanks for sharing! It sounds like a good read – good luck with editing and revisions. (I know how you feel, that you’ve been spending your whole life on this novel – I know I have on mine!)

  2. Yay! Synopses make my day sunnier!

    Thank you for sharing – love the way it sounds so far.

    Take care, and good luck. (I hope you have a 2×4 handy for the Inner Editor when he comes along!)


    • Haha, I knew you’d be happy! And thanks for the kind words and constant support! It’s very much needed! ❤ (and I'll feed that sucker to the goat, why waste a good 2×4, lol)

  3. Great excerpt, intriguing synopsis. I know you told me you don’t like editing, but I tell you what throws me every time: the synopsis. I call it ‘synopsis hell.’ The pressure to get it ‘just right’ is so great, and yet there are so many ways of doing it…. **sighs** Congrats on having this high up on your agenda and working it, that’s putting you ahead of your game. Well done!

    • Gah! Nicky! I haven’t even thought of a real synopsis yet! Oy. This gets easier right? Right? You can lie to me! 😉 Thanks for stopping in, every inch of support means the world to me! ❤

      • Actually, it does. The trick is to allow some distance and to start with the single most important/exciting thing about your novel (without giving away the ending). That’s the infamous ‘elevator’ pitch. But once you’ve got a draft, you’re well on your way and it does get easier from novel to novel. Also, I think with any synopsis less is more. Good luck, and if I can help in any way (if that’s not too presumptuous) give a shout! X

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