My Blog is Crying a River

I’m editing, make that rewriting, and I’m on a roll, not that necessarily means much, besides the fact that my brain doesn’t really want to think outside of the box right now.  And that’s fine with me.  (ps I hit the halfway mark!)

But my blog keeps calling me in the middle of the night, sobbing big old tears about being soooo lonely.  And it won’t accept the fact that my brain is too busy with mountains and vampires…

And I’m sure you’re dying for something from me.  (humor me okay?!)  So to fulfill everyone’s needs we’re going to be doing some flash backs from the archives.

Start Here, with She’s Not Ready, The love and dysfunction between a father and a daughter.

And Then, The Bully and The Bullied, It’s about reconciliation and mending hearts.

Also too, I’m looking for some Guest Posters who’d love to share some thoughts with my readers, to get me through this edit or die thing I have going on.  Please contact me via email (barefootcoffeegirl (at) gmail (dot) com).

And to drag this out even longer, there may or may not be a game (think giveaway) in the works to celebrate finishing the first round of edits and my new awesome readers!  (again email me if your interested in plugging your stuff or helping out)

And (to abuse starting paragraphs with the word AND) I think that’s it. 

Don’t forget to check out them there links!



2 responses to “My Blog is Crying a River

  1. Good luck with the editing – I’ll have to check out the links.

    When you come up for air, if you desire it, there is another award waiting for you at my place:

    Take care,


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