Where’s the Limit?

I’ve been thinking lately, about the millions of things I have going on, and the millions of things I want to do.  Wondering if I honestly know when to stop.  Like yesterday, even though I was going on one whole hour of sleep, when the bebe slept, I KEPT WORKING.  I simply couldn’t fathom wasting the time on sleep, especially since there was no guarantee of actual sleep. 

Do I know when to call it quits?

What are the true signs of something that just meant to be?  Is it when the passion runs out?  The momentum?  Is it when others tell you to stop?  Is it when you hit rock bottom, or just before?  Is there anything that has once harbored energy that should ever be stopped?

We like to talk a lot on the subject of confidence, sharing the hopes, encouraging each other on… all very good things, needed things.  But do we have the guts to tell someone when they should stop?  I’m not talking about how I probably should have taken a nap yesterday, I’m talking about in the world of dreams and hopes.

What is the limit?

What is your limit?

Or can anything that starts with passion ever be squelched?  Can it be true that something that moves you so much, something that inspires you can never be ended, even if you quit on it? 

Do you create your dreams, or do they live in you as a piece of you, something you could never kill off completely?

Can anything ever stop you from reaching your dreams?


9 responses to “Where’s the Limit?

  1. I knew I should stop something when it consumed me so much, I had lost track of time and dates. I was so consumed with a corporate job that I could neither eat (no time), sleep (couldn’t switch off) nor hold a conversation with loved ones (too many words swrilling around my head). I think I ran on adrenaline for 3 months. I had no concept of time or dates, I was just in a ‘zone’. My friends and family told me to stop, but I was so driven and on a continuous ‘fifth gear’ that I felt if I slowed down even a little, all the balls would drop.

    Looking back, it was very scary and in the end, I just cracked. I couldn’t keep going and the passion I had for the job originally was finally out-stepped by my body and mind shutting down. My heart left the job as my body told it to. It was as simple as that.

    My passion is with something else now – writing. I think if your body, mind and soul are in sync on a particular passion, you will achieve – otherwise all three elements are fighting against each other and one will eventually win. Maybe it’s a way of telling us we have chosen the wrong battle!

  2. I’ve pondered about this at length, with regards to forging ahead when something doesn’t seem to be working. I wonder whether the universe is telling me to stop or is just testing my endurance and drive. I never can tell. I guess I stop when I simply run out of options, reluctantly, pragmatically, only to regret it often. Luckily, I have lots of dreams 🙂

  3. As long as the subliminal meaning here isn’t whether you should stop editing and working on publishing your book…then…yes, I think some things need to reconsidered – like working when the bebe sleeps. Knock. It. Off. I say that so easily, but I have a terrible time sleeping during the day…so, I do understand. But, it’s funny how that whole work thing waits for you and the only one puttig the pressure and time limit on certain projects is you (oursevles) – granted, some things are important and must be done NOW. But most things? Probably not so much. So, again…we are removing any notion of authoring from this whole discussion, because you need to publish. Your story is good, it will sell, people will read it and not everyone will love it. But some people will, this I know. ❤

    • No Mom *rolls eyes*, I wasn’t thinking of the book. There were/are a few things in mind, but I’ll figure those out with time. Maybe. ❤

  4. Hey. Get the hell out of my head.

    There is no limit only balance. You can achieve anything you want, anything you dream of, simply because it IS a part of you. Work hard, sweat and cry, but you’ll get it.

    What no one tells you though is you need balance. You have to balance you work for your dreams with your family and your self. Sure your dreams may be for your self or may encompass your family, but I learned the hard way and didn’t balance it evenly.

    If you don’t use balance there IS a limit. The limit being when your life starts to crack, right before it crumbles.

    Find the balance and then forge on.

    And take away my coffee.

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