“If I Die Young”

Somehow last night I found myself watching tv.  Yes that’s pretty odd for me, because watching tv requires sitting still for long periods of time while I could be doing something else, like soaking the green beans I wanted to get planted today *grumbles*.

Anyhow I was watching House, and although it’s a show I really like, I couldn’t call back anyone’s names if my life depended on it, so bear with me.  House’s friend, was getting ready to figure out if he was going to beat his cancer or die from it, which of course got me thinking…

What would I do if I found out my end was near?  (assuming of course I still felt well enough to do things)

Which then got me drinking because I hate morbid things. 

I quickly decided on one grand trip to some place full of awesome with my entire family.  I’d want to go make a week full of memories and photos before succumbing to what ever was going to kill me.  (chipper right?)

But how often does someone get to plan something like that?  I really want to leave behind something physical for my children, something just for them, besides a blog full of jabber (wonder if I’ll still be doing this in twenty years?) and a house full of half-finished crafts. 

So I decided, a journal, a separate one for each of them.  Handwritten by me, started now (or as soon as I buy them), covering every aspect I can think of.  School, Highschool, College, Dating, Marriage, being a Parent, Hardships, Faith and so on.  Just letters, scraps of writing, photographs, to be hidden away, written without them knowing about them, hopefully to be treasured when the day might come.  (And I’m thinking that there’s going to be a forward explaining on how I’ll haunt them if they just trash it all.)

And I have to say “might come” because saying “when the day will” is just simply to morbid for a second cup of coffee. 

What would you do if you knew when your time was coming?

What would you have like a loved one to leave behind for you?

And when will I get off of all these gloomy topics?

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