One day I’ll learn to schedule my blog post.  And maybe on that same day I’ll learn how to utilize a calendar, and schedule all sorts of things… like writing or more correctly, editing.

I have a balance issue.  When I’m out in the garden (minus the times when the snakes wanna join in) I want to garden all dang day and I do not want to stop for anything.  When I’m cooking or baking, I want to feed an army and make everything I can think of.  When I’m writing I want to be locked in a cave and not disturbed for any reason. 

None of this works out to well when you have two very young children, a husband, a home full of animals, laundry to do and a house to clean.  It’s a luxury to have a full dedicated hour to anything, and some days that includes sleep.  Not that I’m complaining… too much.  I wouldn’t trade in any of it for anything… except for the laundry and the cleaning, I’ll trade that in a second flat.

If only I could find the balance, the motivation to flip from object to object with dedication, with timing… to tackle everything, everyday without burn out, and without threatening those around me with katsup. 

And apparently this all comes down to discipline, to making the nasty to-do list and making it happen.  “Better time management” as my husband reminds me all too often.  But then I whine, “I will, I will, it will happen the minute I get this together and that together, and for any of that I need this and that, and a lot more coffee….”

Maybe it’s a mother thing, or maybe it’s a Leo thing, or maybe it’s just my thing that I must always be running around with a full plate.  All I know is that I have about fifty things I’d really like to get done asap, but I’d much rather take a nap…

Do you have balance? 

Wanna do my laundry?

I’ll trade you my coffee for some expert advice…


6 responses to “Balance

  1. I’m just constantly writing lists and schedules and trying trying trying to make it work. And once it does, something changes. I have just decided to take the bull by the horns and prepare *a month early* for when Ben gets out of school for summer break. Since I will have him all day every day and he will want my attention. (darn kids are so needy)
    Anyway, you are not alone. You will find what works for you! 🙂

    • I’ve been trying to prepare for my boy being out of school too, especially since he really doesn’t need a nap time anymore, gah. There’s just soooooo much I want to have done! ❤

  2. I have not figured out this balance thing that you speak of. I think I lack the gene. I find that the more free time I have, the less structured I am and the more out of control I feel. When I’m busier, I feel more prepared and ‘together’. Weird. I think I need a job.

    • I don’t know how to be not busy, but I’d love to sit back and say, “Oh look everything else is done, I think I’ll eat some chocolate and knit.” Maybe when my kids leave me in a nursing home ;p

  3. Hannah Joy Curious

    I’d gladly give you a hand with your laundry Emily, only because it’s a task I find soothing and genuinely enjoy. OCD can be awesome, see! 😀 As for balance, it’s a constant juggling act. I don’t think passionate folks can ever achieve balance as that would mean not giving free rein to what makes our heart soar… Why not embrace the chaos instead of trying to tame it? Thinking of yourself as a superhero, finding an awesome superhero name and having a secret superpower also helps lighten the load I find… and then OWN IT! 😉

    • You can have the laundry!!!! Just remember you will have an almost two year old trying to help. ;p I’d love to embrace the chaos, but I realy think there’s just too much chaos, or not enough hours in the day, or enough coffee in the state. Love your comment though! Thanks! ❤

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