~The Monster in Her Head~

There’s a snake, all long and cold, black as coal, red glowing eyes, curled up under her desk.

She sits, trying to type, trying to reach her dreams, with her legs folded under her, praying not to wake the creature.  Many times before she has tried to kill the beast, that lies sleeping under her desk, but no mater what she does he always comes back. 

He’s ready to strike with his large poisoned fangs.  He wants her to feel the fear, the pain, the agony he represents.  He wants her to give up, to walk away, to hide in fear. 

His threats are hard to ignore.  The pain so real.

And the battle goes on day after day, between her and her snake.  She dreams and he strikes, some days it’s all too much, the scars as thick as her hopes…

She wonders if she’ll ever beat this monster in her head.


4 responses to “~The Monster in Her Head~

  1. Sometimes you can tame the snake (temporarily) and sometimes the snake gets you!

  2. You can pick up a snake bite kit at the drugstore – that way you can keep writing, just in case it swoops out and bites you. >;-)

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