Tuesday Thinking

There’s a whopping whole five days left for this NaBloPoMo (if you’re me, that is, and you don’t do the weekend posting thing).  Just five more post, including this one to meet my goals.  So I have to wonder, did I come close to where I wanted to be? 

And of course I’m my own worst critic, and by nature I’ll never be satisfied with anything I’ve done… that’s just the way I am… the way a lot of us are.  And I’m trying to view everything from the eyes of baby steps and every inch forward is a positive mark.  The whole point of everything is the learning… Am I learning?

And what have I learned?

Knowing that all these questions and thoughts I’m pondering are the type that never can really be answered, not in the way I’d like, I’m going to probe you instead. 

Tell me anything you’d like about anything this month.  Did you hit goals?  Did you face road blocks?  Any advice, comments or critiques for me and my readers?  Was there a post of mine you really liked?  Or one you could have done without?  What about your post?  Did you have one that you want to share?  We’re talking open forum here, the sky is the limit and such.

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