A Short Story Attempt, Day 1

Short Story Attempt #1

I tightened my grip around the leather leash, keeping Vinny my dog and best friend close to my side.  The new tension shot down the leash causing him to quickly halt and stare up at me, looking for an explanation. 

I didn’t have one.  We had walked this path, through the fields behind my house, at least a hundred times, but today it felt like a new strange land.  The same gravel crunched under our feet, the same telephone poles towered above our heads, I knew every inch of the trail, but yet I didn’t, and I couldn’t place my finger on the change.

Vinny pulled forward, picking up our pace.  I followed his lead, trusting the short red lab mix’s instincts over mine any day.  But I kept getting that feeling, the one that sends goosebumps over your flesh, and makes you run down dark hall ways at night, afraid to look back until your safely hidden under your covers.  But we were running away from our home, not to it. 

Half way down the gravel path to the other side of the field I stopped to look back, still trying to talk myself out of the chills that were running down my spine.  The path was empty besides a lone bright red cardinal pecking in the rocks.  I could still see my little house through the line of trees, sitting there empty, lined up in a perfect row with the other houses.  Everything looked normal.

A sharp loud bark forced a gasp from my lips, brining a chill down my spine.  Vinny was biting at the leash anxiously, barking in between nips, urging me to continue on.  His short stubby tail was tucked tight between his legs, and his hackles had begun to stand on end. 

I continued walking forward, further away from our home, as he pulled us into a full-out run.  Panic swept over me in waves so overwhelming it was all I could do to keep my body up right, to keep it moving.  Tears were filling my eyes, and cold sweet was pouring down my back.  What the hell is going on?

At the end of the trail, across the old fields that were once meant for a playground and playing fields for the subdivision was an old creek, one that only ever ran with water during storms.  We came here almost daily to wear Vinny out, as no one ever came this far down the path.  Behind it was acres and acres of corn fields sectioned off by old rusted barbed wire.  An old farm that didn’t get bought out during the town’s development days. 

Vinny yanked his leash free from my grips, darting under the barbed wire.  Cursing and calling for him, I carefully climbed through the twisted wires.  Turning around as it happened.

As I looked back down the path the entire world turned red.  In an instant everything we had just left had turned into a burning inferno, with black plumes of smoke filling the sky.  Everything was gone.

Before emotions and thoughts could even try to form, Vinny was back pulling at my pant leg, begging me to keep moving on…

The End

(Look, I almost sorta kind of did it!  If you missed it see yesterday’s post on how I’m trying to force myself to learn how to write short stories.  )

PS. Don’t mind the non-editing and rough-ness of it all, this was a 30 minute unplanned sorta thing.  🙂

And of course all rights belong to me… see the handy-dandy copyright on the right hand side of my blog.

10 responses to “A Short Story Attempt, Day 1

  1. I loved this. My heckles were up waiting for the attack. Still reeling cos story ended there. I need more. A fantastic story teller.

  2. You have every right to hurl yourself at something you’ve never been able to do before, especially when you do it so darned well. Was the whole thing written in 30 minutes? If so, can I steal the concept? Would love to see where my brain goes with just a time limit. 🙂 Looking forward to your next post already. 🙂

    • Thanks Casey! I’m still not sure if it’s that wise to try and do this every day for the rest of the month, but we’ll see, lol. And yup, I just sat down and wrote what I could before the kids woke up, and you may most definaty steal the concept! ❤

  3. Creeeeepy! And nicely done, for a 30-minute draft.
    I couldn’t write fiction even if my life depended on it.

  4. I have set my phone up to get your new blog entries and I read them whilst out during the afternoon. I was really impressed with this post today and had to reply direct from phone, as I loved the suspense you built….
    before the reveal…
    Awesome piece of literature, you have the gift.

    I have tweeted this link too.
    Go girlfriend…..

  5. Look at you, getting all Flash Fictiony and stuff! Aw…she’s growing up! 😉 See, you CAN do it! Now, finish the dang story!!!! hehehe…perhaps it is ME that isn’t ready for YOU to write a short story. ❤

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