Words and Doodles

The education system made me a day dreamer.  5 days a week, almost 8 hours a day, sitting at a boring little desk with nothing more than a book, a notebook and a pen.  What did they expect to happen?  My mother will tell you that SHE expected me to learn whatever the teacher was trying to teach, I tell her that she’s always had crazy expectations. 

I didn’t do well in school.  I complained in kindergarten that cutting straight lines in paper wasn’t really art… I flunked cutting, and I still cannot cut straight lines.  In first grade I discovered doodling around the neat little holes on loose leaf paper.  Then by fourth grade, when we were allowed spiral notebooks, pens and highlighters… well, it was all over for me. 

Parent Teacher conferences always went the same way, “She scores incredible on her standardized testing, she’s just not interested in school.”  Or as my mother translated it, “I could do it if I wanted to.”  I obviously didn’t want to.

It was always about creating for me.  Always.  Sketches, stories, poems, tunes that floated in my head.  They were always my escape, and my control.  When signs of anxiety started gripping me in the mid teens I quickly found relief in pen and paper, it didn’t matter what the pen was doing, as long as the ink flowed across the paper.

I only ever shared my sketches with others.  Words were so personal, too intimate, too easy to judge.  Art was easier to hide behind and didn’t send viewers looking too deep. 

But as I grew older and filled my school time with family, the sketches took too much time and quickly became replaced with words.  Words were quick, easy to jot down and took up less space.  (Just don’t tell my High School art teacher, she’ll track me down and shoot me, lol)  And words can pay bills, well hopefully one day they’ll pay the bills…


9 responses to “Words and Doodles

  1. Pens, highlighters, colored pencils, paper… ahhh my favorite thing to get as a kid. Some kids dreamed of being trapped overnight at FAO Shwarz, I dreamed of Staples or Office Depot. Is it weird that I still feel that way?

    But I’m glad you chose words over doodles, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you 🙂

    • I would LOVE to be trapped in an Office Supply Store! Just give me 24 hours and coffee, lol.

      And then give me another 24 hours to bribe everyone that I need to take everything home with me!

      PS. Me too, otherwise my blog would have been called Coffee and Doodles, and that just doesn’t sound right, lmao! ❤

  2. School does next to nothing to inspire creativity and critical thinking. Some of us come out as creative types after having endured public education. I wanted my English classroom to be one focused on creativity, but alas, I’m not sure if that is possible in this day and age.

    Happy to have found your blog!

  3. I think most schools squash creativity. But that only makes sense. The modern school system was designed to create workers, not artists.

    Maybe what makes an artist an artist is finding the way(s) around that. Doodling in the margins is a good start. ❤

    • I drove my teachers CRAZY in school, especially in art, I always found a way around the norm. I remember when they said we had to do a self portrait, and handed out paints… I went and shredded magazines and glued them back together. The man can’t hold me down! *snort* ❤

      • Art and I didn’t get along.

        First the kindergarten teacher told me I had to put red holly berries on my clay wreath Christmas ornament. I said, “Those aren’t holly berries. They’re BLUE berries, and they’re better because you can eat them.” *score one for the kid*

        Then in 3rd grade the art teacher told me my trees were wrong. “Trees don’t look like lollipops!” Well, SHOW an 8-year-old how to make a tree, stoopid, don’t just criticize. (My trees still look like lollipops, but I mostly gave up on art after 3rd grade.)

        • Well no wonder the two of you don’t get along, jeese! My teachers all thought I had issues and/or was on drugs of some kind, but at least they knew better than to argue with me!

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