The Goat

I’m not sure I quite get it, 22 and counting request for a post on the goat.  TWENTY TWO separate people wanting a story on the thing that eats my weeds.

She (the goat, Sydney or Sidney or sidddddddddnnnnnnnnnneyyyyy) should have some exciting story I suppose, like some amazing adventure on how I went in Laura Croft (Tomb Raider) style into a bear den and rescued her from the jaws of a grizzly.  Or how I was out on a hike, broke my leg and she carried me to safety, and we’ve been soul mates ever since.  That’s usually how things happen around here, there’s always a story.  (real stories to boot)

This story goes like this…  We bought a foreclosed home out in the middle of an abandoned jungle.  The grass was taller than my then 3-year-old son, the weeds taller than myself.  Copperhead snakes and moosen goosen were crawling out from every jungle clump and all we had was a push mower… for 6 acres of jungle.  Although it was fun (yes I have issues) chasing down snakes with a mower, I knew one day I’d meet the wrong snake and hell I was tired of cutting down jungle.  So I turned to my husband and said, “I’m buying a goat.”  And since he had just slain an adult Copperhead on our driveway with a shovel he agreed.

And so I put an ad on Craigslist, and the next day I had myself a goat.  Exciting right?

The rest is history.  She loves me and I love her.  We often share Cheetos and coffee while headbutting the kids. There’s not much more to say.  Unless you want goat facts? 

Here ya go:

  • Goats are from the same family as deer.  They have several stomachs and only one set of teeth. 
  • They don’t like being alone… unless your goat is Sidney and hates everything and everyone except for me, or if you bring her Cheetos.
  • Goat poop has no smell.  BONUS.  They put out instant fertilizer in the form of rabbit turds.
  • Goats make awesome weather forecasters.
  • Goats will not eat everything.  They are very picky eaters and in a natural environment they will not eat anything that has been soiled or that could be toxic.  (This does not include unnatural houseplants) 
  • They require very little vet upkeep.  Wormer, occasional tetanus vaccinations and hoof trims (unless you live on rocks like us, she’s never had her hoofs done in her entire life).
  • They’re fun and awesome and make you popular.  (well they are awesome)

And there you go.  A whole post about a goat. 



10 responses to “The Goat

  1. Ok, first off…LOOK HOW TINY THE BOY IS!!! And secondly…what does Sidney do to help with the Copperhead issue?

  2. Unabashedly a fan of The Goat. Because, you have to admit it, I got waaaaay more cuddles from The Goat than from The Bebe when I visited. ❤

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  4. This is a cute post! Like your goat :0-) I meant Sydney 🙂

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