A Review, a Recipe, and a Rant: The Hunger Games

No spoilers today so read on.

After months of talking up the book, and hushing the whole entire house every time a preview came on I finally convinced the Husband to take me out on one of those date things to see The Hunger Games movie.  Convinced or maybe annoyed, either or, I got to go.

$50,000 dollars later I saw why this was the first time ever we went to see a movie together.  (unless you count taking the boy to see Toy Story 3, which was a total waste, because the evil bear thing scared him so much he spent the entire movie hidden in my arms)  WTH happened to the days of a movie being a cheap date?  Or more so how did I afford to see movies all the time when I was a teen making five bucks an hour? 

On to the actual movie.  Let’s break this down into pieces. 

The Cast

AWESOME.  No complaints, good acting all around.  I don’t get the hype at all on the casting.  5 Stars, or thumbs, or bottles of vodka, whichever you prefer.

Versus the Book

Yes the book was better.  BUT I didn’t leave feeling the hatred towards the director as I did with Tweenlight.  A lot was left out to fill the time requirements, a lot of detail that explains why things are the way they were.  Our entire car ride home was spent with me explaining things to the Husband.  Only one important thing was changed, and all though it did bother me, I can live with it.  I give the director and screen writer 4 stars.  They stayed pretty close to the book considering they only had two hours to work with.  Read the book first, or at least read the book at some point, you need the whole story.

The Movie Overall.

My biggest complaint, SOMEONE BUY THE DIRECTOR A TRIPOD FOR THE DANG CAMERA.  I get the purpose of a free-handed camera.  You’re supposed to feel the intensity, feel like you’re there, it’s more dramatic… but gah it gave me a friggen migraine!  Between the shaky camera and the blurred scenes I felt like I was having some sort of epileptic fit.  Thankfully parts of the movie they allowed your brain to refocus… I only hope they didn’t/don’t film all the films that way.  It really, for me, took away from the movie. 

The Husband Said

He approved, but didn’t get the hype, and wished he would have downed some aspirin before the movie started (shaky camera, ugh).  He was extremely happy that there wasn’t too much mushy stuff or romance cuts, but thought the violence wasn’t much to write home about.  After being clued into the whole story he agreed to see the next movies with me.  His rating, 3 stars.

I’m glad we went, I liked it, but I wouldn’t pay that much to see it again, I’ll wait for it on DVD.  I’m just relieved the book wasn’t ruined by the movie. 

And now for the recipe…  I haven’t tried this yet as all my plumbing got ripped out this week and I haven’t been home for more than two hours, but these girls never fail…

Our Best Bites, District 11 Bread

Enjoy!  And Thanks for Stopping In!



9 responses to “A Review, a Recipe, and a Rant: The Hunger Games

  1. isthisthemiddle

    I had a little deal going with myself that I couldn’t see the movie until I read the book. Started it last week and I got WAY more involved than I intended, so much so that I’ll be finishing book # three today. Not having been to a movie in a theater in well, years, I appreciate your reminder that it may be better to wait for the DVD.
    This is how much the books have gotten under my skin: on a neighborhood walk yesterday, I saw a rabbit and reached for my imaginary bow. Uh-oh. 😉

    • Hahaha, I actually have a bow, and know how to use it, I’ve had it for years… I’m sure that my husband is waiting for me to be out there targeting for eyes with a braid in my hair, lol. I still think you should go see it, I did like it, I just don’t feel like paying that much to go see it again!

  2. Oy, the camera…I had to look away from the screen a few times. I can handle it on a smaller TV, so there is a chance I’ll be waiting for DVD for the next two movies…mostly because we have a 61″ TV and that STILL makes me dizzy with some movies.

    As for what was left out, I have a list…but mostly it is my own perspectiive of what I felt was important to the story (everyone is different). How she acquired the Mockingjay pin in the movie bothered me (I won’t say more, no spoilers). And, I think the movie was less violent, even though we had visuals, than the book. Good review, my friend! And I’ve got to make those rolls.

    • The pin is exactly what I was talking about. Just seemed wrong although I know they did it that way to keep the list of main people small and to keep time moving and such… I think they missed the whole point there. And that was my biggest issue. The other things I could deal with, well deal with better, lol.

      I have all the stuff to make the rolls practically sitting in front of me, I just don’t have the energy.

      Miss you much “Alien”, glad you could stop by. ❤ Big hugs and prayers for your family!

  3. TheBehavioralChild

    I was not bitten by the Hunger Games bug so can’t relate with the movie/plot. But I’m with you on the exorbitant prices. And I’m loving that recipe! Great post 🙂

  4. I loved the movie, but the book was better. When I was done reading the trilogy I had withdrawals! Your review was spot on. I agree about the pin.

    • I hate finishing up series like that! The withdraw is aweful, and when you switch to another book your brain just wants to go back to the flow it knows! ❤

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