I Have a Gripe or Two or Twenty

I can deal with many, many things, but there’s one thing I have never had patience for… lousy and or annoying customer service.  I loathe pushy people, annoying people and people who have no clue on how to do their job.

  • If I’m paying you to do a job you best do it perfectly or fix it until the job is perfect.
  • Do not follow me around the store, I will throw stale cheetos at your eyeballs.
  • Chit chat should be restrained unless I start it or you’ve seen me a hand full of times.  AND do not look at each one of my items I am buying any longer than it takes to find the bar code.
  • Stores, make your employees available but realize that when you force them to all ask if I need any help and or how I’m doing, that by the time I make it to the back of the store I have been annoyed at least 30 times and I’m past the point of being kind back and ready to make a scene.
  • Shoe stores and like single item companies, remove from your employee’s script “What are you shopping for today?”  Oh I don’t know… shoes!!!  And see the above note.
  • Starbucks for gawd sakes make your employees drink decaf after their first cup.  Nothing is more annoying than a hopped up barista before I’m handed my first cup of coffee.  Great, I’m glad you like your product and indulge in it, but if you don’t shud up and hand me my coffee I’m going to go ballistic!

Of course this goes both ways, I have many gripes with customers as well…

  • Please, Thank You, You are Welcome… try it out.
  • You can wait the two seconds it takes to hand the cashier something.  Do not throw your money and or plastic at them, wait a second.
  • Get off the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (this doubles for cashiers too)  GET OFF THE DANG PHONE.  (of course I’m only speaking of when you’re waiting for service)
  • Be aware and care about the people around you.  You, YES YOU, should still hold doors open and make way for the elderly, pregnant women and people with small infants.  DO IT.
  • Try to keep your children in control.  I get it, even angels have bad days, but when that happens apologize or make your minion apologize if they just slammed into my knee cap, bring distractions, or pull them out of the store.  And for gawd’s sake do not leave your kid alone.
  • Again, Please, Thank You, You are Welcome, EXCUSE ME. 
  • If you feel the need to chat with a total stranger keep it short.  If you want to say hi to my minions, great.  If you want to comment on how cute they are, how sweet, well-behaved or how they look like your little Tommy back home… GREAT.  But I’m shopping with minions that only allow three seconds of standing still, their crying should be a hint… no offense.  Keep it moving, please.

Obviously this list is missing hundreds of common gripes.  What would you add?

5 responses to “I Have a Gripe or Two or Twenty

  1. TheBehavioralChild

    I have a big problem, BIG, huge problem with salespeople who don’t know where things are in THEIR OWN STORE. Instead of spending so much time training them to smile vapidly, I think that time would be spent more wisely on training them to know the PRODUCT they are selling. I shouldn’t know more than you about what your latest catalog or circular says. There, I feel better now. Do you? 🙂

    • I tried to explain that to my last employeer years ago. They took new employees and spent days teaching them scripts instead of teaching them about what they were selling. Sure they could answer a phone like a robot, but most couldn’t even do a thing with the computer. Ugh. I ALMOST feel better, lol. 😉

  2. Girl, I feel your pain both as a customer, and a former retail employee. You might enjoy my holiday “reminder”, too. (but feel free to delete the link if it’s in bad form to leave it on a comment) http://frommaggiesfarm.blogspot.com/2011/11/supermarket-etiquette-holiday-edition.html

    • I’ll go check that out! Everyone is always welcomed to link back to their blogs here, as long as you’re not a bot. ❤ Thanks for the comment!

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