~She Holds On~

A Drawing from my 16 year-old self.

She is overwhelmed.  Mixed and tossed with a jungle full of feelings and thoughts, water and oil, nothing mixing well.

Frustrated to the max that nothing is going as planned, saddened by loss, inspired by new life.

She’s waiting, searching for her magical moment when the pieces all align, when life slows down and she finally gets a grip on it all.

Looking for that utopia that she knows is hidden somewhere, around here, under the piles of clutter.

Waiting.  Any moment now.  She knows it will all connect.  These wild stray pieces of life.  Any day now.

She holds on.


5 responses to “~She Holds On~

  1. That drawing is remarkable for the age of 16. I hope you’ve continued to nurture the artistic talent, if it’s not what’s morphed into writing for you now?

    Lovely poem, too.

    Best wishes,


    • Thank you Casey, you always leave the kindest of comments! I don’t think I’ve actually sat down with a pencil and paper since an art class in college, ten years ago. I’d love to dabble in it again, but it seems as if I only have time for it, if I’m in a class, lol.
      Thanks again! ❤

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