NaBloPoMo and Page One

I don’t know what’s going on today, but my interwebs are defiantly out to get me.  Or its wordpress, still cranky from that time I called them out for deleting links I added into a post.  Either way every time I publish this post, 90% of it gets deleted… so some of you have already seen the incomplete version, gah.

I do believe there was supposed to be a lot of me rambling on about how a four-day weekend is in front of us, and how I try not to work on weekends, in the interwebs sense, because honestly it’s impossible when my family is around.  And so that all brings us to the fact that I’m trying to write the entire weekend’s post, TODAY.  And Obviously, it’s not going all that well.

In desperation of trying to succeed this NaBloPoMo I decided to share with you a wee sample of my novel I’ve been working on. 

Sorry, I had to get that picture out just one more time, but it really is what happens in my book!   Okay, for real now, page one of Denali…

The night all too quickly disappeared into a brightly lit morning with birds singing loudly about the rising sun. Had I not been wrapped in a damp sleeping bag, alongside a mountain, who knows how far from home or a single Starbucks, I might have been excited. Maybe.

But this morning I wasn’t waking up in the safety and security of my own warm bed, I was waking up in Alaska, on a week-long back packing excursion up the side of the mountain, Denali. If anyone needed proof as to how much I needed a vacation this would have to be it. Miss city girl booked a camping excursion in Alaska, I obviously had lost my mind.

Yesterday had been a whirl wind of flights, bus rides, instructional videos and safety wavers. Somewhere in between the odor from the bus and instructions on how to avoid a bear attack our backpacking group had been herded out to the first stop in our “tour”. It had been almost dark when we arrived and I couldn’t even tell you where we really were. Somehow our tents got pitched, sandwiches were served, and quickly the night air became filled with a symphony of snores scattered about the camp.

The crisp North air had a slight chill to it, yet not quite cold, yet the tent still held that stale, humid air that tents were famous for. I pushed my way closer to Scott, my boyfriend of two years, curling up in his warmth, trying to snatch back my peaceful sleep. The vacation to Alaska, to Denali, had been my idea, actually I had picked out some all-inclusive resort with catered tours and spas featured on some travel show on television. Scott choose the camping and backpacking excursion, and I being just dumb enough agreed. I’m not sure if it was dumb, or me just being desperate to have a vacation, away from Missouri, away from my job chasing around 20 four-year-olds all day and away from life in general. Not that my life is hectic, me being a teacher and Scott being a radio personality for a local station, it tended to be just on the boring side.

So here I was, at the base of a mountain, in Alaska, in a damp tent, but at least I was with Scott, maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all. There could be fun out here, or something.

A second later I began to eat that thought. My eyes were jolted open by a sound so horrific, I could only describe it as an animal being dragged through the depths of hell, and back again. The screaming grew worse than nails down a chalkboard and sent my spine crawling for an escape from the loud torture. Scott and I both sat up with a jolt as a human scream sounded out, knocking our heads together.

Clearly I’m still knee-deep into edits, and YES Melissa I’m working on it!

NaBloPoMo Day 4 1/2, ’cause I’m still not counting Day One.


3 responses to “NaBloPoMo and Page One

  1. Simply magic opening paragraph. Love this excerpt, and would be very interested in reading a synopsis. Any chance? Looking forward to coming back and reading more NaBloPoMo stuff from you. Why aren’t you counting day one, out of interest?

    Hope to read more soon,


    • Thanks for the kind comment Casey! I don’t count day number one, because I didn’t do it! Lol. The baby was sick and well, it just wasn’t on the top of the list. ❤

      One day I will post a synopsis, after I write it! ;p I swear it's on my list of things to do, one of these days… I hope.

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