The Secret to Success

(Just so you know we’re ignoring the fact that I didn’t post yesterday, let’s say it was part of my fool’s day prank and I was busy with a feverish wee one. )

(Also too we’re going to, for the day, ignore the fact that one of my goals for this month was to actually write these things ahead of time, and put mucho effort into them.)

I discovered the true fault to my lack of success in the writing world. 

Thank you HGTV for cluing me in on the fact that REAL writers have offices the size of my house complete with a fireplace, a conference room, a book group reading nook and lots of sheer, drapey curtains that cost more than my car. 

I should have known better!

Obviously if I had a space like that I’d be famous already.  So the fault is not that of my lack of follow through, or self-confidence, and not even the fault of my lack of experience.  No, the fault comes from the pile of binkies, sitting next to my laptop that rest on top of a left-handed desk (I’m right-handed btw), that is piled high with bills and notes and books, all in the corner of my dining room.  (also too I’ve decided fault also rest on the distance from said desk to the coffee maker and to the bathroom)

I’m positive that Collins did not write the Hunger Games with legos balanced on her lap.

I need an office makeover, now.  Or more appropriately, I Need an Office, NOW.  (one without baby chicks in it)

My future book to movie deal is counting on it.  Seriously, I already picked out the soundtrack. 



8 responses to “The Secret to Success

  1. I’d buy that soundtrack.

    I’m also, too, fairly certain the reason I’m not a bazillionaire is the lack of huge windows, tropical sands just outside my sliding and/or French doors, pale wood floors, and lackeys waiting to fan me with huge palm fronds whenever it appears I might break a sweat reaching from my elegant 18th-century chaise longue to the claw-footed marble-topped side table whereupon in a Limoges cup rests my imported, personally-blessed-made-custom-just-for-me blend of organic cruelty-free coffee with cream from the happy grass-fed Jersey cows that are pastured…oh, somewhere on the 5000 acres of my island paradise. I’m sure of it.

    • Speaking of soundtracks, I have one almost ready to ship out to you. Almost as in, I’m missing one song, and I can’t find it anywhere BUT IT HAS TO BE ON IT! (I even already have the enevelope)

      And too, you’re dead on with your theory on the windows and cows. They go hand in hand. ❤

  2. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Harry Potter wasn’t written in an office like that…or, at least, not in the beginning. That being said, I believe my dream office is a gypsy wagon in my back yard, with A/C and an espresso machine.

  4. isthisthemiddle

    I have a theory that the prettiest offices are where the least amount of work gets done. Ditto kitchens. 😉

  5. Haha, okay so maybe I don’t need that office, but I’m betting a Right-Handed Desk would sure help out a bit!

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