Brain Matter and NaBloPoMo

One thing they tell you to never do while under the influence of any illness is to make an agreement of any sort. 

So as my brain matter is shoving its way out through my nose, ears and down my throat, and the world is spinning at double speed, I did not follow that advice.  Not that following advice has ever been my area of expertise.

In my brief moments in between dying and almost not dying, I have agreed and or planned to participate in April’s NaBloPoMo for BlogHer, again.  (and we won’t discuss how I think they need to re-name this whole thing since National Blog Posting Month simply cannot happen every month) 

Beyond insanity, I do have valid goals for April and it’s “NaBloPoMo” madness.

  1. Organization.  I want to discipline myself in ways where I can organize thoughts ahead of time.  Also to have better flows and topics.
  2. To reach more viewers.  Which also includes being a better “viewer”.  I know my own faults. (and also includes trying to figure out how I can acquire something beyond dino-dialups, which is more of a dream than a goal)
  3. And as always to write better, which takes practice.  I want more in-depth, more entertaining and better thought out blog post.  (which is a HUGE MEGA ULTRA challenge for me when aiming for a blog post every single day of the week.)

I have a few ideas ready to help carry me through the next month, and I’m praying they pan out and that I’m not still delusional with fever and meds.  Also too, I’m praying that I’ll remember the ideas beyond what I wrote down, because going beyond thinking right now is a hefty challenge.

Will I be seeing you in the NaBloPoMo links next month?  What are your goals?

4 responses to “Brain Matter and NaBloPoMo

  1. Oy…again with the goals? Sigh…I need them, I know that. I actually really desire to have them all figured out, but I don’t. As for you, Dear Emily, I like the list of reasons you’ve cited for doing NaBloPoMo, it’s exactly what we’ve been chatting about. Exposure, my friend…you haz gotz to do eet, regardless of that pesky dino-interwebz. Employ Google Reader, trust me. We’ll chat about that, too. April, it’s going to be a turning point for you. I can feel it….so, get yourself a cork (two, ’cause you have two nostrils) to keep your brain from liquefying and get to work!

  2. Yay, more daily Emily!

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