Blogs are Like Vampires, Almost

My blog and I seem to have a Buffy (the vampire slayer) and Spike (the evil bad, yet not so bad vampire) love affair.


There’s days when I can’t belive how awesome a post came out, how many views came my way, and how much in love I am with the whole process.

Then there’s the days I want to grab my blog right out my screen and choke the living daylights out of it before stomping on it five million times before tossing it to the goat.  And then, maybe, just to be safe I want to take its shattered remains and burn them in a bonfire while doing some sort of voodoo dance to ensure it’s gone for good.

Pressing “Delete” just is not that therapeutic.

Love/hate relationships like this obviously need a lot of therapy. 

I hate having to write, or more so I hate the days when I have NOTHING to write but I know I should WRITE SOMETHING.  I hate the days when I think I have nailed it, and the public tells me otherwise.  I despise the goals I think I have to meet.

But then again, I’d be lost without it all.

It’s my own special private little bad boy vampire without the sparkles.  Because (I’m going to lose every single teen reader I might ever gain RIGHT HERE) vampires should NEVER SPARKLE.

3 responses to “Blogs are Like Vampires, Almost

  1. I just have to disagree, I do think Vampires have the right to sparkle. They were human once, they have rights…ya know.

    As for writing, I encourage you to do NaBloPoMo, a necessary evil. I do think that forcing ourselves to come through is important. I’m seriously considering it AND this time I’m making an editorial calendar that I’m going to carry with me, so when I have an idea I can jot it down on a date, with a note or two about content. I’ll be able to fill the calendar for the month. If I don’t feel like writing about that subject on the specified day, tough…do it anyway. UNLESS, I have something better to write about. But if not…there is still something. It might not be my best work, but doing nothing won’t help the cause…KWIM? Get your name on the blogroll…’nuf said (until I think of something else, then I’ll come back and comment.

    OHOHOHOHOHOH…GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I figured out how to do threaded comments, my biggest Blogger pet peeve, and now I can comment directly to your comments!~ Isn’t that the bee’s knees~~~~

    • Well then we’ll have to agree to disagree. The only time a vampire should ever sparkle is if Martha throws a glittered spike at them! That and they really shouldn’t walk in the sunlight. I’m a purist, raised in the times of Dracula and the Lost Boys.

      I am contemplating doing the nablo next month, if this death virus ever leaves… we’ll see. I have one idea written down so far, and then my brain got all spinny and such.

      Andd Congrats, lol!

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