~Fever & a Guest Post from the Grave~

Yesterday I started to plan my funeral.  No joke.  There was going to be story time (where someone read my lost manuscripts, choking back their tears), a coffee bar, reruns of all of my favorite movies (including things like The Lost Boys, Lethal Weapon and of course Terminator), a karaoke hour and a petting zoo (where no doubt my husband would try to pawn off every last one of my animals). 

It’s bad when your son gets sent home with a 102* fever, it’s worse when the bebe is teething and has a fever herself, it’s worse when you wake up at 3am lost in delusions that your flesh is on fire and you can’t even make it to the tub to extinguish the imaginary flames. 

After a full 24 hours of a fever that never left the 100*s, I think I might make it after all.  I’m finally at 98.9, I can finally get all of my muscles to move, and instead of 500 sumo wrestler kangaroos beating the heck out of my brains, I think I’m down to two of them.  I’m sorry to say, even though it would have been extreme awesomeness, the funeral is cancelled. 

Which is quite unfortunate because today out of all days my first ever GUEST POST will be released over at THIS N THAT.  How morbidly awesome would that have been?!  Melissa could’ve had a whole new meme going “Guest Post from the Grave”.   (sick I know, perhaps I should go check that temperature again)

And honestly I can’t remember one dang thing I wrote about, beyond the fact that she threatened me if I didn’t comply to her request.  Which now that I think about it, this whole deadly fever sickness began the minute I opened a package sent from her…  Hrrrrmmmm.  And is it mere coincidence that she mentioned MY NAME in the middle of a ZOMBIE post

Go see for yourself HERE

But CAUTION!!!!!  Do not let her flattery rope you into a guest post, she’s only acting nice so I won’t turn her in for poisoning me!!!

And why are you still here?  Go now: http://www.myalienbody.com/2012/03/guest-post-2-emily-of-coffee-and.html


2 responses to “~Fever & a Guest Post from the Grave~

  1. Just remember to burn the book, like I said. You know, because it is just that ritual thing we do with books that we share….NOT because it was laced with any sort of turn-you-into-a-minionzombiethingy. So, does that mean you don’t want me sending you any more books? 😉 Oh, did you happen to notice if any of those sumo-kangaroo-wrestler ninja’s (did you say ninja’s??) happen to have had unicorn horns? Just wondering…and no…that isn’t glitter all around you, it’s just the fever making you delusional. Hope you feel better soon! ❤ And thanks for being my victim, um…guest!

  2. No, send lots more books, just minus the biological warfare part! And I didn’t get a good look at the kangaroos, with them being in my head and all… and I just might be a tad delusional still.

    Thanks for having me! ❤
    I think.

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