“When You Show Me”

“When you show me, when you actually have something physical to hand me, then I will be excited.”

Those words are stuck in my mind, never mind who they came from.  My celebration of finishing the first round of edits on 1/4th of my novel came crashing down.  I’m only 1/4th through my FIRST round of edits.  Just 25%.  Only .25, lots to go, before it ever becomes a “novel”.

And then if you continue the math, really, I’m most likely only 2% through the editing phase before I’ll have that demanded physical proof.

Who knows, still, if any of this is worth it.  And I want to be down and discouraged, I want to whine that everyone (okay not everyone, bust most) is shrugging off my excited non-stop talk on “Hey I have two young kids, fifty million animals and things to do, and I still got over 6 hours of work in last week!!!”  But I won’t, I get it, the proof will be on the paper, and maybe, MAYBE on a shelf one day.

appropriately today I stumbled upon one of my new favorite blogs by Robb Grindstaff and in his article of 10 Writing Lessons, he nailed what was in my head:

Lesson #9: Never, ever, ever give up.

You need to write. Your soul requires it of you. There are readers out there waiting to read what you have to say. They need to read it. The quality of their lives depends on it. But first, you must learn to write it the way it’s meant to be written.

He doesn’t ever mention that “Hey you moron, you can’t write.”  Or, “If you don’t have this list of skills or experience you should probably give up.”  He says, “You must learn to write it the way it’s ment to be written.”  Learning is okay.  Struggling is great.  You just have to do it.  After all, “The quality of their lives (future readers) depends on it.” even if today the work in progress is enough to send an english professor into an early grave. 

It’s time for me to not allow other people’s non-excitement and disbelief to discourage me. 

My “soul requires it of me.”

What’s your soul requiring of you?  (or did you sell your soul off to the millions of cookie pushing crack dealers girl scouts this weekend?)


2 responses to ““When You Show Me”

  1. We spend so much energy searching out…with poking sticks…all the things that will PROVE we shouldn’t do [insert ‘thing’ here]. All that energy expended on finding just the right guidelines that will show how lacking we are, meanwhile ignoring the 1.5 gazillion that show how well we CAN do [insert ‘thing’ here].

    Now, this advice is only for you, it doesn’t apply to me. I give it, I don’t take it…comprendo? So, you keep working, because that dang glass of yours is .25% full and filling quickly. Yes, this whole comment may be fuled by caffeine and Thin Mints with an occasional Samoa to round things out. A buzz? Yeah, I got one…Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Again, I’m going to paste all of this unto a postcard and mail it between the two of us. And also, I’m reaching for the thin mints right now…

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