~Road Trip~

One of these days, somehow, I will be packing myself in the car, Alone, with just my favorite music and my thoughts.  Just a day or two, maybe three, in my car alone, going somewhere other than here.

No kids, no husband, no dogs, no cats, no goats, no birds, no people, just me and the road.

Just driving to nowhere, with a stop overnight.  Coffee and quiet.  That’s all I would need.  Just once, just short, just to breathe deep.

I don’t want a destination with time eating away at the quiet.  I don’t want lines of people, tickets or layovers.  Just my car that’s been worn just right, suited just for me.

I want horizons and sunsets, time and space.  Fields of corn, forest of cedars, farms filled with cattle and passing cities. 

Not to escape, but just to stop time, just for a little bit, just once.  That’s all I would need.

4 responses to “~Road Trip~

  1. Not to put any pressure on this dream trip…but…I’m longing for one too. Oy.

  2. I’ve written about road trips so many times. The solo road trip is especially enlightening. It doesn’t always need to be far (but sometimes the farther the better). 😉

  3. We’ve discussed me doing a 4 day thing, up north, towards the inlaws, because they have a tiny little one room cabin with a wee little fireplace, a coffee pot, and a bed… which ‘ello is all a girl really needs, but yeah, apparently I don’t have a live in Nanny. *sighs*

  4. I understand. Even now my hubby gets weirded-out if I leave him in charge of the kids for a couple of days – they are 16 and {almost} 14. Sigh….

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