~Cleaning House~


Cleaning House.

We’ve all had the feeling of needing to purge the less than wanted from our lives.  The clutter, the trash, the broken, the old.  Hopelessly scouring to reveal the clean slate our souls need.

Sometimes we rid ourselves of the people, the cluttered, the broken, the negative, the old to make way for the new, the better.

And sometimes we get cleaned out.  Thrown out with the trash, let go like an heirloom that’s no longer loved.

It happens.

And we say and we hope, “It’s all for the best.”  And maybe at first we don’t even notice the split.  “We’re all better off.”  Afterall.

Then there’s the times you see it happening all too slowly.  You see the river widening, the shores split apart, you can see the ocean in the horizon, and you can look back to the small trickle that began it all.

Do you turn back?  Build Bridges?  Fill in the gap? 

Do you let go.  Let the current take you further?

Do you care?


6 responses to “~Cleaning House~

  1. In the past, I would just watch the widening but now I address it. Internally at first and then openly. I guess I’ve always cared. Now, I care enough to say I so.

  2. It really depends for me. I’m probably usually the widener, truth be told.

  3. I need both a literal and figurative house cleaning. My brain is cluttered with things I can’t recognize…at least I don’t really know what they are yet. This has inhibited me from reading and commenting on my favorite blogs! You’ve missed me, I know it. And…I need a literal house clearing! I swear that clutter in my house is a physical manifestation of my scatterbrainedness. I just hate it! I do, though, find it funny how so many of us go through this and I wonder, “Why?” What are we doing to ourselves, what standards are we setting and why the heck are we constantly trying to sabotage ourselves?!?!?! Huh…no really, I’m asking!!!

    Sabotage should be spelled with two “b’s”, because it looks better to me that way.

    • You could’ve spelled it with two “b’s” I probably would not have even noticed, lol.

      And don’t expect me to be able to answer that! Or I could, but I’d be taking us back thousands of years, back to the creation of man… and I’m only on my first cup of coffee, so um, yeah. ❤

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