Snow and Dirt

There’s snow outside my door, lots of it.  And yes I’d probably claim 1/4th of an inch of snow to be lots.  I think the grand total this morning is 5 inches with a coating of ice on top… I have no interest in actually getting up to look.

Our mild winter has been destroyed by freezing temperatures over the past week, and I’ve had to break out the heavy-duty, extra-large travel mug just to keep my coffee from getting cold on the whole ten foot walk from the coffee maker to my laptop. 

There is one benefit to winter, and only one: playing with dirt INSIDE.

Which is actually just odd, to have your fingers covered in dirt, while the fireplace crackles and the snow falls down in sheets of blizzardly hell.  But it is that time of year.  The time to rip open those seed packets, to cover your entire dinning room in dirt, and to balance those seed trays high with great hopes of the summer bounty they are sure to bring in.

And maybe I just really enjoy grasping at the few hairs of spring that are slowly sprouting up, and pulling it all in towards me with every inch of strength I can muster.

My days have been spent with soaking, freezing and planting seeds as I pretend to not notice the blizzard outside my windows.  And I only wish that shelves and grow lights weren’t so dang expensive, as my laundry room is already filled with onion sprouts, broccoli and other herbs that I just had to have.  I have no more room and tomato seeds looking for a home in two weeks.  Spring fever has me in a choke hold.

Has it bit you yet?


2 responses to “Snow and Dirt

  1. Nothing here except, love this one. I can feel your energy and the love you have for this process.

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