My Sweet Valentine

I. Am. A. Hopeless. Romantic.

There, I said it.  I like Valentine’s Day.  I like heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate.  I like roses.  I like cards.  I like sappy little small nothings of a gift with heart shaped tags.  I like romantic candlelit dinners. 

It took me years to be able to admit to the fact that I dig hallmark holidays.  I used to hide from everything girly, banished pink from my life, and spoke loudly on how roses were an awful waste of money. 

(I was lying.)

(I was playing tough in those single days of I don’t need NO ONE)

Sure, sure, of course love should be shown year round.  Simple little gifts from the heart should abound for no particular reason.  And no you don’t need Hallmark to tell you when to be romantic…  But…

I can’t resist a day to do something other than the ordinary, especially in the dead of winter. 

And don’t forget the best part of Valentine’s Day, the day after when all that glorious chocolate goes on sale!

How about you?  Do you dig the day of cupid?  Or did I just make you puke all over your keyboard?


4 responses to “My Sweet Valentine

  1. I didn’t like it. And I will still tell you that I don’t. But I think it’s the grandiosity that I dislike. Because I really dig on small romantic things, like a text in the middle of the day, or the fact that my husband gets up first and makes me coffee. Every day. As I age I find it’s easier to tell my people that I love them, and I try to do it throughout the year with a note here, a present there, nothing big or “WOW” but something that says, “I know you.” For me, that’s the big thing. “I know you, and I love you.”

  2. Valentines Day? Meh…I love the idea of it. I love the idea of specialty days where whateveritis is done up big and grand and lovely. BUT, I don’t dig the jacked up prices of things ‘just because it is whateveritis day’ or the made up pressure that things need to be done a certain way. I believe in showing love and romance as often as possible and I’m not opposed to Big Special Days…but it just sort of seems so overdone that I can’t get into Valentines Day anymore.

  3. i love valentines day now with my 2nd husband. ex treated it as a hallmark holiday which meant no cards or flowers for me ever. that wasn’t so cool.

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