She’s Ignoring the World

Her head doesn’t seem to be screwed on quite right. 

Her skin doesn’t seem to fit like it should.

The world seems to be just crumbling at the very tips of her toes.  And all she can do is squish her eyes as tight as they’ll go.

It’s hatred and scandal, there’s drama and deceit.

She should be falling apart, she should have already quit.  She should be decking her halls with pity party gear, slamming the days away with tears and booze.

But she is refusing to give in.  She’s ignoring the world.

She’s digging her heals deep into the earth, she’s feeding her stubbornness with all that she can.  She’s going to be strong, she’s going to win.

She’s ignoring the world and it fits her just right. 

She’s sunshine and daisies, rainbows and skittles.  She’s optimism in full bloom and she just doesn’t care. 

She’s going to be all that she shouldn’t.  Despite what they think.


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