101 in 365

I’m a list maker, a list lover even.  I could make list about list for list all dang day long.  But every year I TRY to make a master list, a challenge of sorts.  101 things I’d like to get done over the next year.  Nothing serious, nothing strict, no actual deadlines or set agendas… just a wish list of a to-do list.  Here’s this year’s list:

  1. Finish the headboard project for the master bedroom.
  2. Perfect a sourdough loaf of any kind.
  3. Finish knitting an afghan for the living room.
  4. Finish edits on “Denali” first draft.
  5. Go camping without the kids.
  6. Go camping with the kids.
  7. Build a new chicken coop.
  8. Learn how to can veggies.
  9. Stock up wood for next winter.
  10. Re-do the boy’s room.
  11. Afghan for the boy.
  12. Make/use/perfect homemade shampoo.
  13. Re-finish dining room hutch.
  14. Re-finish basement stairs.
  15. Build a seed rack.
  16. Re-do the goat hut.
  17. Fence in the garden.
  18. Write a short story.
  19. Enter a writing contest.
  20. Make a quilt for the master bedroom.
  21. Re-do the bathroom.
  22. Create/keep an exercise routine.
  23. Start a gratitude journal.
  24. Make homemade pasta.
  25. Finish tearing down the old pool area.
  26. Come up with a remodel plan for the kitchen.
  27. Finish and USE a control journal.
  28. Go hunting with the husband.
  29. Re-do the girl’s room.
  30. Make washrags for the kitchen/stop buying and throwing away sponges.
  31. Create a picture wall in the dining room.
  32. Finish kids’ hutch.
  33. Finish the “Martha Cave”.
  34. Make skirts for the girl.
  35. Re-finish the dining room table and chairs.
  36. Clean out the basement.
  37. Re-create/move the pond area to the left side of the deck.
  38. Strip down the “yellow wallpaper”.
  39. Make and use menu plans.
  40. Go fishing.
  41. Read 15 books. (current count for the year 3)
  42. Finish my friend’s website.
  43. Learn about and plan meat chickens.
  44. Research cheese making.
  45. Make homemade laundry detergent.
  46. Visit family in Minnesota.
  47. Till up three more garden plots.
  48. Finish basement bathroom.
  49. De-clutter property from precious owners’ crud.
  50. Grow a herb garden.
  51. Dry and store homegrown herbs.
  52. Write a poem.
  53. Have kids create artwork for the house.
  54. Knit scarves and hats for everyone.
  55. Make a rag rug.
  56. Make and USE seed markers.
  57. Create and USE a garden journal.
  58. Re-plant, and re-build the shade garden alongside the house.
  59. Clean out and organize all closets.
  60. Stock the deep freeze.
  61. Research good sources for meat.
  62. Create a kids’ garden and play area.
  63. Plan an “orchard”, start working on.
  64. Go on a road-trip.
  65. Re-finish hallway.
  66. Treat the deck.
  67. Install screen doors.
  68. Read the bible, again.
  69. Build a wood rack thing.
  70. Gravel the garden paths.
  71. Make something clothing like for me.
  72. Plan an etsy store.
  73. Learn how to make real soap.
  74. Find a church.
  75. Write letters and cards to friends.
  76. Plan/aim for more date nights with the husband.
  77. Build agility equipment.
  78. Make a scrapbook.
  79. Make cloth napkins.
  80. Plant berry bushes.
  81. Plan/Build a potting shed.
  82. Organize, sort and purge decorations.
  83. Clean out stumps/brush piles/ and old rotten trees.
  84. Learn how to fix my hair in ways other than the stay at home mom ponytail.
  85. Learn how to make Bagels and Donuts.
  86. Re-do kitchen.
  87. Pretty-up the deck and entrance.
  88. Research and make herbal, natural facial products.
  89. Make a “dream” journal for the house, with detailed to-do list, pictures and shopping list.
  90. Quit “bad habits”.
  91. Plan and start saving for a “Denali” vacation.
  92. Make a new outdoor fire pit.
  93. Teach the boy to do dishes!
  94. Teach the boy to take care of his own laundry- put away clean, gather dirties.
  95. Potty train the girl.
  96. Have more company.
  97. Make a master recipe binder.
  98. De-Clutter paper junk.
  99. Finish 31-days to clean.
  100. Learn how to knit a sweater.
  101. Finish everything on this list before I die.  ;p

Obviously this won’t all happen in only 365 days, not unless I win the lottery, and hire a crew of 50 men servants (’cause “slaves” is not pc).  But that’s not the point.  The point is to see how much you can get done, and to not get overwhelmed with starting projects that aren’t on the list.  Things can always be moved to next year’s list (except for potty training, that’s a must, lol).  I’ll be updating as the year goes on, and I’d love to see what your master list would look like!  Please try it out and link up with what you’d like to get done!

8 responses to “101 in 365

  1. What a cool idea! I feel like the half-crazed over-achiever in me would demand that I complete the entire list and number 102 would end up being “check into mental hospital”! That said, I can’t wait to hear how your list ends up going this year.

  2. This is such an awesome list! I’ve been making a 101in365 for a few years now! I built a site around it a few years ago (formerly called 101in365, but now called accompl.sh) you should check it out! i used to keep my list in my blog too but it got way too difficult to maintain.

    good luck with your list – especially the orchard! that sounds awesome!

  3. what a list – good luck with achieving it
    I know it has taken a while – but here is my thank you/acceptance of the award you were kind enough to honour me with:

  4. Wow. I wonder how many items I’d have if I actually wrote them all down? I may be having a minor anxiety attack just thinking about it.

  5. I need a nap now…just from reading that list. Yikes! GoGoGo, g’friend! Git-r-done!

  6. This is an awesome list! Some of these are on my theoretical list, and you made me remember them! I started writing down my own list. I wonder if I can come up with 101?!

  7. For those who might be interested, I copied this post onto its own tab up there at the very top. There I’m updating my progress as i go. ❤

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