As the Sands in the Hourglass…

Last night I found myself doing some good old blog stalking.  You know the kind where you lurk from link to link, reading way back into the dusty halls of archives, learning way too much about people you have never met.  Yes my night was that exciting.

I couldn’t look away.  Like watching a train wreck, I had to keep reading.  My brain was trying to wrap itself around the reasoning that people have to share every little personal detail about their lives.  I get the idea behind blogging as one’s personal journal, and I get that some people feel as though they have nothing to hide… but every little detail, out in the masses of the non-expiring interwebs world… forever?!

I’ve thought about the future before, when my son moves out, has his own family, and one night my grandson “googles” my name, and he finds all of my blogs, my profiles…  OR when my daughter sets course for ruler of the world, and they check out her background, and find pictures of her running around in diapers…

Yes, I think of those sorts of things every time I post anything on the interwebs.

I suppose for me, personally, I’m an extremely private person.  Or maybe the best word for it is self-conscious.  My life is my life, and I choose to only let complete strangers into the “It won’t make me look bad, and it can’t be taken the wrong way” parts of my life.  In short, I prefer to air my dirty laundry inside the safety of my own private, windows locked tight, stain remover ready, laundry room.  Maybe I’m old-fashioned, or maybe I’m just an interwebs prude?  ;p

Maybe I work for the CIA and if I told you anything about my real life I would have to kill you. 

Or maybe the going ons around here aren’t that interesting to begin with.  You might never know.

Even if I don’t understand the need to tell complete strangers every dirty little secret about every single instance in your life, I’m glad people out there feel the need to… gives me lots of good reading for these cold, boring, winter nights.  (not to mention some of those blogs makes me feel really sane and normal!)


2 responses to “As the Sands in the Hourglass…

  1. Emily, You make a very good point. I believe in being truthful and transparency but we all have our ideas what is social acceptable. Technology being relatively new there are no rules so to speak. Folks make up the rules for themselves.

  2. I look at it this way. I’m intensely private in my decisions about what I share. There are things about me that people will never know. There are things about me that some people know and some don’t. But once I decide to “put it out there” I’m all the way out there…warts, and boogers, and fat jokes and everything.

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