Stale Cheetos and Flash Fiction, There is a Connection

Somethings been swirling around in the vortex of my mind.  Popping in here and there, grabbing my attention and tickling my neurons.

I want to dip my toes in the white, rapid waters of Flash Fiction.

Actually what I’m really gunning for is to be able to share more of my writings here, and less of my ramblings about nothing.  And I’ve been told that the more you publish of a novel online the less a publisher will want to touch it. 

Flash Fictions could be my compromise, not long enough for a novel, but long enough to learn skills, develop my style and share with you the crazy weirdness that is my brainz.  And have you seen all of the contest online?! 

But there’s one problem….

I don’t know where to start, or HOW to start.  I don’t know what to do!  Oh sure I can pump out pages on pages developing a plot… but a story in UNDER 1,000 words?!  I’m lucky if I can post a blog in less than a thousand words. 

I know that you my most intelligent, awesome, ruler of the world readers have some excellent advice and thoughts.  So go on now, spill it!  After all in some time not too far off in the distance a big scary, hairy man will be standing behind you, armed with stale Cheetos, forcing you to read my attempts at flash fiction.  You might as well help me make it decent!


4 responses to “Stale Cheetos and Flash Fiction, There is a Connection

  1. Are there any short story prompts online? I’m sure there are. Maybe you do a 5 or ten minute free-writing exercise based on a prompt? That would surely be less than 1000 words, right?

    • There are tons of online prompts, last time I tried them I just got more stuck than before, lol. Maybe now that I’m more relaxed they’d work… who knows!

  2. I’m not scared of your big hairy man, I’ve got hot wax and linen strips…hair removal, no finer torture or deterrent.

    I’ve written a lot of flash fiction stories, most of them are on SHEstory on Facebook. That isn’t to say they are any good, but after I wrote them I discovered what they were (a friend told me it was Flash Fiction). If your ancient ‘puter connection will so graciously oblige you doing a Google search, then you can Google ‘Flash Fiction’ and read the various things people are writing. My writer friend claims that she can’t write anything that short (just like you), maybe it’s true. It worked really well for me because I get bursts of inspiration, but then fall short of being able to develop a full story and plot and carry it forward. My advice is to not let yourself get bogged down with any ‘rules’ of what FF should be and just see if you can let yourself write whatever pops into your head. Also…go on to WOW (Women On Writing), they do a quarterly flash fiction contest and they post the winners. You can see what sort of stuff they write as well.

    I have done as Laine suggested, just sat down and given myself 5 minutes (or so) to run with a spark of an idea. Flash fiction is just the kid sister to short stories…and it can be a lot of fun if you don’t pressure yourself to create within ‘rules’. Just Do It…and see what happens. No harm in that.

    • I wanted so much to enter that contest on WOW, that’s what kind of inspired me to try. And I’m trying, but everything turns into a huge plot build up. But I will just keep on typing till something pops up 😉

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