~A Letter to You~

Dear You, (as in the person I wish I could send this to, not you the general reader, unless of course this does indeed touch on you as well, and then you can change the you to you, and enjoy this one line, because the rest I do intend to keep somewhat serious)

This weekend a bit of information was shared about You.  I’m not sure why things are always trickled down from other people, and always seem to find us last, but that’s the way it is, I only hope THIS time we didn’t find out too late.

I get that the floor to our world had been yanked out from beneath our shaky feet.  I know that problems/troubles/pain seem to have a homing device set on destroying everything that is precious in our life.  I get it.  As removed from the situation as I am, even I have the nightmares, the dreams, the arguments with God… I have it all, in my own ways, but none the less, I too hurt. 

BUT that gives us NO excuses to stop fighting, to stop trying, to stop being.  And I’ve been told that that is exactly what you have done. 

Last time I kept my mouth shut, I waited, I watched, I let things be what they were… and I learned to never do that again.  So this is me speaking up.  This is me unleashing my mind.  This is me reaching out to you

You at this moment are all that is left in this shattered world.  Until God decides to lend out his almighty super glue, there is nothing else. 

So YOU ARE IMPORTANT, NEEDED, LOVED, treasured, respected, wanted, special, worthy… must I go on?  YOU can fix this, this situation at hand.  You can climb out, even if you need help with the rope!  I’ll help, we’ll help.  But I cannot force you to grab on.  I want YOU TO GRAB ON

Grab on.



We’re here, without judgement.  We’ll always be here. 

I don’t have God strength Super Glue, but I do have an unending supply of tape, glues and staples. 

With unending Love,




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