TMJ and NaBloPoMo

*stretches fingers, pops knuckles*

*slams back a few more Advils*

*gulps down coffee*

I have two post written that never became published, which equals not completing NaBloPoMo.  It simply was not a priority this weekend.

My dear TMJ (a funky shape to the jaw joints) decided to come at me with everything it had and left me walking around much like a zombie with half of a face.  The pain it brought was WORSE than labor. 

Somehow a few weeks back I did something to set off it’s rage.  Apparently tmj makes it easy to injure the muscles, tissues and ligament things around that joint… and I ignored the injury.  So this weekend it put it’s foot down and took me out. 

A bottle of pain relievers, a bottle of muscle relaxers, 3 bags of thawed veggies and over 48 hours with no sleep later and I’m almost human again.  I’m treading carefully avoiding popping my jaw, not chewing anything, talking as little as possible, and not sitting at the desk (bad postures leads to un-noticed clenching). 

The times when my face wasn’t throbbing to the point of locking up my whole face were spent with the family, not here trying to keep up with the challenge. 

So we’ll just see what happens next.  ❤

2 responses to “TMJ and NaBloPoMo

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  2. I hope you are planning to keep going. I think having them written still counts!

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