500 Drafts and a Look Inside NaNo ’08

It has been a 500 drafts trashed kind of day.  Not joking at all.

Nothing fits, nothing works, and I’m really not interested in writing about Nothing, once again. 

So instead of pulling myself down a dark tunnel, beating my own self up, I’m just going to allow myself to be uninspired for today. 

But since I refuse to quit on this whole NaBloPoMo deal, I shall still give you something to read, written by me… just not from today.  So for your viewing pleasure I present for you a section from the very first NaNoWriMo book I ever wrote.  (Please note that I do have a handy license over there -> that gives me full rights to eating your soul if you take any piece of this.)

The leaves crunched, the twigs snapped as I sped through the darkening woods. I could feel the sharp and thorny branches digging and grasping into my skin and clothes trying with all their strength to hold me back. How could he leave me?

The blood boiling and surging through my veins pushed my aching straining legs to stride faster, harder, beyond their natural abilities. My feet pounding the earth with each word that rang through my head, “He left me, he left me.” I had no clue as to where I was heading, just not here, not now. I was hoping I could outrun the hurt, maybe I could escape the truth, if I just could run fast enough. The cold, crisp fall air stung my lungs and eyes as I demanded my body to continue on, I must not stop. For the sake of my heart, I cannot stop.

I started slapping at the branches, damning them for being in my way of flight. Cursing my tears for blinding my sight. Everything seemed to be in my way of exile, damn them all, damn him for leaving. I didn’t care that my legs were screaming with pain, I would not allow them to buckle. I was running to stay alive.

Out of the corner of my eyes, in the midst of the cumbersome forest I had lost myself in, a dark figure flew through the trees, distracting me just long enough. My foot caught in a small fallen tree, slamming me down onto the earth. The forest flew by in a flash, as my head crashed down, engulfing me in momentary darkness.

I cautiously opened my eyes, fighting the last of the suns rays that were shining through the leaves before it set. I laid there in my moist bed of leaves shivering, unwilling to move. Life had caught up with me, and I had no strength left to fight it with. The tears flooded through my eyes and engulfed my throat.

I had only been gone three hours from him, just three. I had no idea.

And there ya go.  And here I go to make more coffee…



7 responses to “500 Drafts and a Look Inside NaNo ’08

  1. 🙂 You have to finish this story…I’ve read it before…I need to know…dangnabbit!

  2. nice… lost for words.
    a very good read … you say you have more of that? 🙂

  3. Publish it here, I wanna know more too.

  4. I really treasure your work , Great post.

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